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    So after having multiple parties in my trip I decided to have another party just to kill time before the Patriots vs Falcons football later in the day and my flight leaves the next day so I decide why not let's see what is going on at the Bunny Ranch. I arrive at the Bunny Ranch and I get the line up with Carrera, Lana West, and Caressa Kisses! In my head I was star struck, shocked and amazed at how beautiful she looked so I pick her out of the lineup. I was excited to party with her, I remember seeing her in episodes of Cathouse on HBO so then we book the party.

    We party she starts with a blowjob she gets my dick hard and then we start having sex it was fun but I was losing my erection after awhile and I was like shit not now! I was starting to get into but Caressa is a pro so then she does her magic and she just starts giving me a blowjob and stroking my penis at the same time until I cum. It felt great to cum but in the back of my head I was kind of disappointed in myself or not being able to stay hard for Caressa and I tell her my disappointment. But Caressa reassures that it's okay and ask me if I had fun, I tell her yes and then she kisses me on the lips and tells that's all that matters as long as I had fun. Caressa is very sweet and lovely I can see why she has many repeat clients, although I couldn't stay hard and give Caressa good sex I had a lot of fun, and got head from a woman that has the looks of a playboy model! So far it was my best Sunday ever and it was going to get better.
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