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  1. I'm just curious, when Bunnies aren't working at the ranch, what do they do? Do they have other jobs? Families? And what is the time span a girl works at the ranch....or does it vary by each Bunny? Just wondering what the life of a Bunny is like!
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    good questions this bunny world is fascinating huh
  3. Try to convince people in my life that it is OK for me to have meerkats and polar bears in the house. I have yet to win.

    In all honestly most bunnies are very normal.... I am boring normal in the civilian world... the sexiest thing I have done in a long time is go tile shopping. Costco turns me & savanah on.
  4. 8)

    Hahaha... :D Jenny...

    When/If i become a bunny... i would love to remodel a house for my own pleasure. Im a nerdy nerd nerd... but i think that would be something to invest my money in :D

    If i had a million dollars.... i'd still wanna be a bunny. :D coolest job around!
  5. Hmm.... time to go renew my membership I guess. :lol:

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