The Fabulous Jenny Lane

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by SouthernMan, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. I had the pleasure to visit the Fabulous Jenny "Barbie" Lane on the 19th of April. When I started planning the trip I was very nervous because I am rather inexperienced and didn't know if I could live up to what I thought I needed to be. As the day drew nearer, I became more and more nervous. But, I must say, Jenny had me so calm and relaxed in the first 10 minutes that I was amazed and just had fun.

    I think the best thing about Jenny is that she is so lovable. She has a personality that is second to none, and her beauty is unbelievable as expected.

    I appreciate the amazing time she showed me. It is all the little things she does that sets her apart. The special outfit, the service, the talk, and the fun she shows you sets her apart.

    If you get a chance to visit the "Brunette Barbie", you will be impressed. It will be the time of your life. And remember, flavors make things better!!!

    My only regret is that now I have to start saving up for a return trip to see Miss Lane.

    Thank you Jenny.
  2. Sweetie the pleasure was all mine.... a southern gentleman can have barbie anytime he wants!!

    Stay away from those runaway Jacuzzi jets....
  3. LOL, the jacuzzi was fun. Oddly, the little things like that made the experience more memorable. You are truly a beautiful flower (pink tulip in a cool vase, maybe?).
  4. lol... okay rock star... no more champagne and red bull for you :)

    Yes I do LOVE the pink tulips in the sexy vase!

    We forgot to break some stuff!
  5. Hmmm.....ideas for next time!!! I can't wait.
  6. Great report Southern Man ! happy to hear you had a wonderful time with Ms. Jenny Lane. She's definitely very precious to us on here.

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