RANCH SPECIAL Thanksgiving with Ember (meet & greet)

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  1. Hey hunnies,

    I made a thanksgiving stew, if you meet with me today (the 23rd) or tomorrow (the 24th) with a tip we'll hang out in the parlour and flirt & have some homemade stew together, like a meet and greet with some delicious stew.

    Ring the bell twice and ask for Ember. This is a tipped meet and greet just to get to know you guys better and have the opportunity to meet in person, I really do want to be here long term and it feels important to offer some time together. I'll stay for half an hour max and if a line up occurs I will head over to the line-up. Hope to see you in babes.


    IMG_1828.jpeg IMG_1817.jpeg IMG_1823.jpeg
  2. JessieJames
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    JessieJames Babygirl who won’t hesitate to please you!

    Looks delicious and smells better! Ladies and gents please visit miss ember
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  3. mmm thank you Jessie! you're welcome to a bowl too
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  4. How's the crowd today? Or is it dead? I'm in Carson bored out of my mind!
  5. its real real quiet. just us girls and the smell of turkey lingering around.
  6. A'ight. Maybe I'll swing by. It's either that or walk the dog...

    Never been to a brothel so....be kind! o_O
  7. we're so nice lol. do both, walk the dog and come by
  8. must have been one long walk ;)
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  9. You should stop by Capriotti’s for a Bobbie, which is their traditional Thanksgiving themed sub sandwich. I’m pretty sure I saw one in Reno and they probably have some in Carson City. I have a lot of pride in Capriotti‘s. They were founded in the mid 70s in my hometown of Wilmington Delaware. Now they are national chain headquartered in Las Vegas. That’s a weird inversion because usually company start elsewhere and incorporate in Delaware.

    Anyway, the Bobbie is a hoagie consisting of shredded turkey, mayonnaise, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. They are hard to get where I am now because the nearest location is in downtown Chicago, which is like an hour and a half away
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  10. one of @AmeliaJoy 's guests bought the whole house Capriotti's the day after thanksgiving and I did have that! It was so good.
  11. wrb55rosco
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    wrb55rosco Well-Known Member

    Too dam cold out today , to walk the dogs.. So I’ll stay in at home. Columbia Mo…

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