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  1. Over at B2 we have been through some changes in our management. :( Madam Suzette came over and took us under her wing and cleaned house. She took care of business at both houses. :eek: Always with a smile and really listened to us girls. :D We will be having a new madam soon. :( I would like to take this time to say THANK YOU SUZETTE! For your patience and for not going crazy running from house to house every Thursday for our tea party! From all the girls here at B2. THANKS MOMMA. :D
  2. :( I hope Madam Suzette isn't retiring. I would really like to meet her :(
  3. PartyMan, what Vanessa meant, is that Madam Suezette found a new Madam for BR 2. I think its been about 3 mos since Madam Katrina quit, so now within a few days/couple of weeks, BR 2 will have their own Madam again.

    Madam Suzette will still be in charge of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.
  4. B2 Vanessa

    Why thank you very much Vanessa. I love all the little bunnies at B2. Now I will still be a very big part of B2 I have brought in my partner in crime, Ms. Diana. She is family and helping me out alot because I cant be in two places at the same time.
  5. I agree with your posting 100%. Madam Suzette is a very caring, patient, and understanding woman. With my mom being deceased... I could not think of anyone else to have as a mother figure... That's Madam Suzette... our Mom @ both BR I & BRII. :)

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