Tea Time!!!!!

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  1. We had the best tea party today. we had a spokeslady come out from Spa Helios and gave out free samples to us and talked about all their treatments. We had a fun game with clothespins and crossing your legs and then we had to find paper clips in a huge bowl of rice. dorky, I know, but fun. of course, we also had our weekly raffle for presents and gave out daily top booker presents and ate famous Hazels homemade candy. We also gave our sample of a new screaming o ring for our ladies to try. it was a place of fun and harmony. we all ended the party with a positive note. fun fun fun till daddy took the tbird away.....
  2. Mommy, thanks for a great tea party!! i love the hats and the classical music!! the clothespin game was awesome!! and i had a blast with the paper clips and rice! :D
    i'll let you know how the 'screaming o ring' is when i try it out ;) hehe...thanks again!! :D
  3. Are customers allowed to attend tea parties?
  4. I can't wait to encounter my first Tea Party! Luv Ya Madam Suzette!

    xoxoxoxo Dior
  5. Tea party was so much funny mommy! I love the spa samples we got.... I can't wait for Mommy & Bunnies field trip to the spa!
  6. Screaming O Rings are usually 3 Carats and above........
  7. tea time!!!

    yes, of course. but you might be asked to wear a tea party hat.
  8. Re: tea time!!!

    I don't mind wearing a tea party hat. It might be fun. :)
  9. valentines day

    if you want, you can stop by on sat and make home made old fashioned valentines. it will be funski.
  10. That does sound like funski! :wink:

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