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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. I was invited to the Talk Soup #103 anniversary party in LA last Tuesday night. The party was held in Hollywood, what a blast!!

    I love Talk Soup, they have made fun of me and the ranch many times, most recently when we did the hour show with Tyra Banks and when our series on HBO aired. seems like all the stars they make fun of were there for the party.

    I went with Brooke Taylor, Star, My Bitch Ron Jeremy, we did the red carpet & there was lots of news people there to greet us and do interviews.

    I finally got to meet Lou the Talk Soup dog, what a trip he is, all fun and high energy. Joel was happy the BunnyRanch was there and said "I hope it doesn't piss you off when we rip on you and the ranch" "I said hell no we love it". I did some drops for the show with Ron and Brooke, they are funny as hell.

    Friday night they aired the 103TD show and used some of the clips with us in it on the show, it was real funny as they got a picture of Ron sleeping at the party, it was funny as hell.

    I love Talk Soup!!!!!
  2. :D I am glad that you had a wonderful time :D
  3. E always has great parties.
  4. There are many wonderful things about working at the ranch, but getting to learn from Dennis has got to be right at the top. His people skills are so masterful because he knows who he is, he loves what he does, and he knows how to have fun.
  5. I wish that i could be more like that.
  6. thats why they call him Big D. Dennis, could you post whenever you and the bunnys to those television shows. Thanks.
  7. I will try, sometimes I don't get any notice, we have a big show coming up real soon. I will let everyone know.
  8. My mom called me today and said they re-aired it
    So keep your eyes and ears tuned to E and see if you all can catch it again!!

    Here's a picture of us in front of Mel's Diner where all the paparrazi were standing!!

  9. That was the red carpet pic

    Those knees of yours needs red carpet for doggie
  10. I couldn't agree more!! :wink:

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