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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by charlie_k, May 7, 2016.

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    I have a Suggestion regarding sorting Media on Forums.
    Recently, there have been a lot and lot of uploads by almost all members. However, Normally when I want to go through Media, I tend to get lost quickly as some members have shared lot of stuff while others new ones have just one or two pictures. Right now the Media is only sorted based on time of post.

    So Wouldn't it be more efficient to sort the media based on Albums / members / Most Comments/ Most Likes and Popularity. Atleast it should be sorted based on that it can be viewed more . Lot of very exquisite pictures are not liked because they just happened to be posted at time when few people were online.

    I would Appreciate Suggestions / Comments on this..
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  2. Everyone that posts pictures is supposed to be creating albums for their pictures so that they could be found by how the pictures were categorized by the poster.. Additionally, you can search a particular picture using the search function. However, I am open to additional ideas
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  3. [​IMG]

    Key word there would uh, be "supposed". You may need to integrate some more organizational features if possible because yeah.
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    Yeah, However, sadly many don't create any albums while other floods the media page with albums. Media sorting would be a wonderful Feature and it would also help to get more likes and comments on pictures. I agree that search option is very effective.
  5. You found some of my naughty photos quite easily today;)! tehe <3
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    charlie_k Well-Known Member

    LOL. yeah riley... That could be because I realized the search can be so "naughty" when you write the right words. :wink:

    But still would have love some sort of better sorting mechanism as that would help getting more likes/comments on particular pictures.
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