So i have a question... kind of important.

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  1. One of my biggest draw back from becoming a bunny would be to get found out. I need to put myself through college, but i want to become a journalist, so that is a public profession... would there be a paper trail back to my time as a bunny? If you know what i mean?
  2. Another person who wants to be a journalist :D Mind if I ask what line of Journalism?

    Well, being discrete, the ranch will respect that if you request it...just let them know ahead of time. I believe Valentine hides her face in her photographs for the very reason, but I'm unsure, you'd have to ask her yourself.
  3. I dont know exactly what kind, broadcast (radio) journalism or print publications. I will ask Valentine that.
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    I think they would respect your privacy.
  5. I have shielded my identity so far, however after three years at the Bunnyranch, the business has become an important part of my life, so I may change my policy soon.

    I do really appreciate that we bunnies have the option to decide for ourself what degree of public exposure we are comfortable with.
  6. I do think Valentine has a very good point that they allow you the choice of how much exposure to you identity you choose allow. But if you have any interest in a job in the public eye or political area of journalism where your past could become a point of interest. I think there would have to be some sort of paper trail in you Sheriff's card. I don't want to seem to be a dream crusher but better informed now than sorry later.
    If these are not a concern then I say we always welcome sexy new bunnies!
  7. Speaking of paper trails, how are taxes handled? Would that necessarily out someone as a bunny?
  8. Anyone know the tax rate? I would want to make sure I had the money held aside before tax time the next year.

    I would assume the tax rate I pay would be the tax rate for the city of Reno?
  9. VERY helpful. Thank you!!
  10. Valentine, did you make your need for discretion clear at the time of your application to the BR?
  11. No, not really, however, I had done a good deal of research and knew promotional pictures were not a requirement.

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