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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TiredFrog, Nov 24, 2023.

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    Can someone answer this for me please? If I want to bring a lady from the Bunny Ranch to an event in Las Vegas, how does this get arranged? My understanding is I have to be present at the Ranch to "negotiate", pay and then we would go on the outdate to Vegas. It seems very unwieldy and I was wondering if this ever gets handled any other way. That trip to Vegas from the Ranch is a long one, if there was any way to negotiate, pay and then meet in Vegas it would be fantastic!!
    Anyone? Or am I dreaming here?
  2. You would have to be in person at the ranch in order to negotiate price. That’s just the law you can’t do it over the Internet or over the phone or anything remote like that. I know it sounds unwieldy, but that’s just the law.

    However I don’t think you have to negotiate and do the party on the same day. You could visit the ranch in April to set up plans for a party in June.

    I don’t know if you can arrange to have the lady meet you in Vegas. I have heard of instances of clients, negotiating everything on one day and then the lady meets the person at a location on a later day, but in those cases, the remote location was fairly close to the ranches.

    So maybe I should have kept my mouth shut and let some of the ladies from the ranch answer, but I hope I am at least partially correct
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    My first sentence mentioned that I was aware I had to be at the Ranch to negotiate sooo..... Making multiple trips there to get this set up works if I live close by, but for those of us living across the country its hardly feasible. I'm aware I'd also be responsible for her airfare this way along with any lodging, etc. Can any of the ladies working there tell me if there is a work around for all of this or is this all pretty much set in stone?
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    It's pretty set in stone. However, the flight from here to Vegas is usually very short & cheap! It can be a bit of a hassle, but it's worth it to have the accompaniment of a beautiful lady on your adventure :)
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  5. If where are you you are from a great distance away then you could do the negotiations on one day, and then the actual party the next day. You won’t have the luxury of having these two things space far apart, but the general principal is still there.
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    TiredFrog , do you have a “lady” in mind ? If so . then you should talk to her.
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  7. That is the best way to obtain the information. The lady of your choice will give you full instructions on how to accomplish your desires!! :)
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