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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. I just have to say that Dennis is hot!
    I have always had a thing for men older than me but geez I see Dennis and get wet!
    I wanna see more pics! I wanna see more Cathouse , I wanna see more Dennis and all the bunny babes.
    If I ever decided to cheat on my husband then I would love for it to be with Dennis! I bet Dennis knows how to make a girl feel REAL GOOD!
    He has so much confidence that it is sexy, I could care less about the money I am sure he has but I love a man with confidence!
    Does anyone else think Dennis is hot? Does he make you all wet?
  2. yes i do think that Dennis is hot!!

    who wouldnt ask to have a private party with Daddy D?!
  3. I think he should start booking parties and he would be top hooker!
    Male hooker that is....Damn they need to make it legal for men to work the ranch!
    I would be there ASAP!
  4. Big Daddy D... you put the capital "H" in the word Hot! :wink:
    I do agree with the girls, you are a very sexy young in the heart mature man. Keep doing what you are doing, but don't put too much of a hurting on a girl :wink:

    U R 2 HOT! [smilie=my heart fire up for you.gif]
  5. sexy dennis picture

    Yes, Big Daddy D is a very handsome man. this is one of my favorite pictures of him,
  6. ooooo I like that pic! all dressed up! And that smile...I think that smile is what really gets me!!!
    C-mon girls! I know there is more of you that are hot for Daddy D!
  7. Daddy is a very charismatic man ... I respect his business acumen and he always puts his Girls' needs before his own. That is Sexxy! Kisses, Daddy!

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