Scary Movie 4

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  1. I love to have sex and seeing a girl have 10 or 15 orgasm's is the best thing ever but when I am not having hot sex I want to laugh. I need to marry a funny nympho.

    Scarry Movie 4 will make you laugh!

    I went and saw it today and what a gas it was, I laughed from the beginning to the end.

    Some of my buddies were in it
    Dave Attell
    Lil Jon
    Kevin Hart
    what a surprise to see them in this show.

    Have you seen the movie? If not, you must.

    I want this to be the next Bunny Movie day.

    Asst Kris, get it set up, I like my Bunnies to laugh.
  2. :D Hey Dennis, I believe there is a similar scene to Scary Movie 3, that's in Scary Movie 4 that has some hawt women play fighting...perhaps you can talk the director into having a couple of bunnies do a "play fighting scene" in Scary Movie 5?
  3. OMG...I saw it was hilarious...some cheesy parts but most of all just Funny.
  4. Scary Movie 3 was terrible, hopefully this one will be better... I'm gonna go see it this weekend.
  5. I've only seen Scary Movie, the first one. I was told none of the other 3 compare.... I haven't seen any Scary Movies after the first one.
  6. well, the Wayne Brothers were the ones that completely ran Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2, it was the director of The Naked Gun and Airplane that took over for movie 3 and 4...and according to Dr. Phil, movie 5.

    In a way, I wish that it kept its rated R rating, and the Waynes would have kept the movies going. . .with a rated R movie, you can get away with alot of stuff that you wouldn't normally get away with in a PG-13 movie.

    I'm going to check out Scary Movie 4 soon
  7. I love Chingy, Little Jon and Dave Attell, I've met all three!

    xoxoxo Dior
  8. :? I've seen a preview of Scary Movie 4, and they make fun of the scene were Bush was at the school promoting reading when the towers fell...not sure if that's gonna set right in my book.
  9. I will look into that.
  10. I just love all that stupid stuff, it makes me laugh.

    I want to laugh when I am not cummmmmming.
  11. i hear you on that. i crack myself up all day long and no one ever gets it... :lol:
  12. Yeah me too D
  13. Awesome...I nominate Bunny love to be one of those bunnies :D
  14. what are you talking about... sometimes the sheep just need to be pushed through the fence....
    I loved it...specially the real disturbing footage of aliens..... dogs humpn then the alien walks by.. or the frat guys yaking... man i was in stitches... scary movie 4 is must see if you wanna laugh
  15. That Bunny cracks me up!!
  16. Scary Movie 3 was still funny, just not as good as the first one. But they are trying to spoof the horror genre, maybe they are making crap sequels bc that is what happens with all the sequels of the movies that are poking fun at...
  17. This was funny stuff, you should see it
  18. I still haven't seen it... I was promised a big date this weekend with my boyfriend. Hopefully we can go then...

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