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  1. I just walked in my front door (at 3 PM Thursday) with the strangest combination of tiredness and pure exhaustion I have ever felt, almost to the point of being in a state of semi-consciousness, very strange, but will make sleep tonight wonderful! By my own last minute decision, I have spent two of the last four nights completely awake, doing an all-nighter, all part of a nerve-wracking, agonizingly lengthy "road trip" from middle America to the Dennis Hof ranches of Mound House, Nevada. I really wanted to put a complete road trip story on the Sagebrush site, as that was the focus of my trip, and I really hope the girls realize how much they make that house 50 Shades of AWESOME! The girls there are so so great, particularly one (she knows who she is) who saying goodbye to felt like torture. The ranches are so so great, yet the goodbyes are getting harder each time. Darn those close connections! LOL JK :p:D

    Some background on me, I'm the furthest thing from a car head you'd ever meet. I've never changed a tire, I think I could do it, but I have a huge fear of facing that situation on my own, or having engine problems in the middle of nowhere. I fear making 20 mile drives to Walmart alone because of this. Yet, over the past three weeks, in a tug of war brewing in my mind, I made the risky decision to drive 1636 (3,272 roundtrip) miles to Mound House. It was long, it was hot, I did have stressful car troubles. I'm sweaty, I'm as tired as I've ever experienced, and that all sounds miserable right? But I'm SO SO HAPPY, BEYOND WORDS, as I got to experience a long-awaited party with the beautiful @EllieMoore , making all the stress, heat, and driving WORTH IT!

    It was Sunday morning, and I, as I usually do, wake up to the sun at 6 AM. I had not set my alarm the night before, as I was VERY UNSURE if I would be making this trip at all. Many many questions, from finances, to travel, to scheduling, were floating in my mind. I'll be honest, as I sat in my warm bed for 45 minutes, my mind was made up. The car travel of that many miles, both overnight, and in the hot July heat, was too scary, and I was set to go back to bed and make cancellation calls to the Gold Dust West and moving the party with Ellie, and deposit, to a future date, when I woke up. The option of putting off the trip to July 26th-July 29th (my birthday weekend) was also on the table, however Ellie's tour was ending a couple of days before that. Decisions, decisions!!!!!! In a moment of just "being ballsy and 'going for it'"' I'll remember a long time, at 6:45, I told myself, "Get up, dumbass, you've wanted to see and party with Ellie since the first moment you saw her. You had one chance that got cut short, if you pass this chance up now, there's no guarantees in life. Do you want to regret NOT GOING because you're scared? Get your ass up, get in the shower, and get out there. It's only 24 hours, it will be fine and go quick (my conscience lied to me on that one, lol)!". Thirty minutes later, I was showered and packed, and headed out the door for a July adventure of a lifetime.

    I really don't want to bore people with "travel stories", and the drive is very long, and despite beautiful scenery, very boring. I had driven I-80 in Nebraska before, but was looking forward to doing southern Wyoming. I got near Laramie, Wyoming at about 4:30 PM on Sunday, and was headed down a big hill into the college town, but my engine was acting very funny. As my cruise control was trying to keep my speed balanced going up and down, the engine was "clicking off" then "clicking back on". Perhaps a transmission problem? Still trying to figure it out. Headed down the big hill into Laramie, the engine died out completely. Fortunately, I was moving downhill and, after realizing the engine was dead, moved to the shoulder and continued to slide downhill, eventually coming to a stop at an intersection outside a hotel. The engine restarted, and I, now in 'freak-out' mode, being 10 1/2 hours from home, and 13 1/2 hours from Carson City (I WASN'T EVEN HALFWAY), told the clerk at a nearby hotel about my predicament. I was in my mind, experiencing my worst nightmare, car troubles HOURS from home. At least I broke down in a city with some help though! With my car running decent, I went over to Advance Auto Parts and was asking away to their people about the problem. I was pretty decided on staying the night there somewhere, getting the problem fixed on Monday, and heading back home when the car was good to go. I was so freaked out by my car, I suddenly became filled with sadness. It looked like my hopes of Ellie had been dashed again! Even if I got my car fixed, it would be expensive, and finances dictated a return home. I was wondering if fate would ever give me a chance to party one-on-one with Ellie. My fear of car problems had come to pass, and there was no way I could continue on, is what I was thinking.

    However, sometime in the process of driving around Laramie, back and forth between Advance and a hotel on the south side of I-80, I realized that the car had been 'doing strange things' for the better part of two years, and while having the engine die out was extreme, it was running smoothly if the damn thing would stay engaged! After discussing it with the guys at Advance, I built up the biggest amount of courage I've ever had and decided, driving the car more gently (no more 75-80 MPH speeds and no more use of cruise), I would make my way to Nevada. The plan worked! I went the rest of the way with no more issues, the engine was smooth and not 'catching' itself trying to stay with cruising speeds. However, I was SCARED BEYOND REASON heading west through the rest of Wyoming.

    The sun went down out near Rawlins, Wyoming, where I gassed up, and I reached Salt Lake City, Utah at 12:30 AM. I'll tell you the worst part of doing that trip straight through, it's feeling like you've traveled FOREVER when getting close to Salt Lake City, and you see the first mileage marker for Reno, and it says something crazy like 590 miles. When you're tired and want the trip to be over, start figuring how many hour 590 miles is when going 65-70 MPH. At best, it's another 10 hours! YIKES!

    I reached the eastern border of Nevada, at Wendover, at about 2:30, and made my way through a state I had never driven before. The sun came up in my rear-view mirror, over a mountain butte near the town of Winnemucca, as I was heading south toward Fernley, where my turn-off was to head to the ranches. The sun was so beautiful, and I had my first moment of appreciation, and not trepidation (from the car problems and my nervousness from it), since leaving Laramie. I think this is the first time since the "Wyoming scene" I allowed myself to believe that this party at Sagebrush might ACTUALLY happen. Turning off at Fernley takes you to a road that heads south to Highway 50, where you are 30 miles east of Carson City, and Gold Dust West. I had called the hotel about 'early check-in', as I was exhausted. I arrived at 9:15 AM, after 26 hours of driving, and two hours of fear in Laramie. I checked in and, setting my alarm for 2 PM, slept for 2 1/2 hours. I woke up, and, feeling like I had slept the entire day away, checked my phone. It was only noon! What a great late morning nap!

    It was one of the things that had me thrown off with this party with Ellie, and I couldn't figure out what it was. I had changed the reservation from Tuesday night at 7 to Monday night at 7 the previous week after financial crud forced me into revised plans for this trip. I hadn't gotten a response. I had called the office about it, and was told that yes, you are good to go for Monday night, yes, Ellie is aware of the appointment, but she's been dealing with a sore throat, and hasn't been feeling the best. Back to my story, I made my way to Sagebrush Ranch at 12:30 to say hi to her.

    I arrive at Sagebrush and a lineup had just been completed before I got there, so I come in, and the girls are lined up, while I tell the greeter, "no lineup needed, I'm here to see my girl for tonight's party". I was asked who, and I say, "Ellie!".

    There are singular moments that, for some reason, stick out to you long after they are done, and I remember seeing Ellie step forward with a HUGE SMILE on her face, and coming up and giving me a huge hug and saying "Hi!". So here was the issue. When I had my party set with deposit, I did so with my male name "Tom" (no need for confusion where credit cards are being used right, lol), and Ellie knows me as "Jessie Summers" from the message board, so a party at 7 PM with Tom was just an unknown person out of the blue in her mind. Now, with her 'in the loop' for who she was partying with that night (in her mind the April party with me was never completed either, we had the running joke of the 'poor unused condom') for the next six hours, we were both equally excited for what was to come!

    Ellie Moore! She is the first girl I've been able to say this about in 13 months being on the message boards. I saw her as the chat girl on an episode of Livestream on March 28th. After not watching all that many shows over the winter, due to general work items and busy-ness, I tuned in and saw this smiling face of a gorgeous, fun-loving, gum and lip-smacking girl seeming to be looking straight back at me!


    The show was about 20 minutes in, and the introductions were long past, but I ask the chat, "Who is the girl on the left, she is gorgeous!". The answer came back quickly, "Ellie Moore". There are many, many attractive girls at the brothels, I've partied with a handful of them, but I haven't had one, before or since, hit me with that immediate bolt of lightning, that good bolt of "wow, look at HER", in the half-second I saw her on video for the first time. In April, I was partying with her at Sagebrush. However, that party proved to be incomplete. So much time was spent on make-up application and then chatting the night away like three girls at a slumber party, by the time things really began to heat up, the buzzer stopped the party. I can't remember what, if anything, I did with Ellie, but it certainly wasn't enough for me LOL, so this was a problem that had to be rectified (thus my Sunday morning split-second decision to face my travel fears and get my ass to Nevada), LOL

    I do wish that explaining what makes somebody go from attractive to an all-out wild crush for you, I'd be a genius! Ellie goes to the wild crush level, I just like the aura she gives out beyond words! Where do I start? For one thing, she has the most genuine, prettiest smile in the brothels. Completely sincere, has a couple of mannerisms that I noticed on livestream that drive me wild. She's easy to talk to and a great conversationalist! Guys, and I'm sure the girls too, must know the move I'm talking about, and I'm sure it's done to bring attention to lips, but the flirty thing a girl does when she bites into her lower lip, almost saying "take me, i'm horny!!!". I can't find the specific example in my head from Livestream, but when I think about that look, I think about Ellie. One of these numbers, it drives me wild!


    I've been looking for a specific example of this on video, and haven't found anything, yet, but Ellie was chewing gum during the video session about "eskimo pies" LOL, and as strange as saying you are attracted to lip-smacking is, maybe it's that, who knows, but there was a combo of cuteness, sexiness, and sass in her delivery as "chat girl" to certainly "reel me in". Plus there's something to be said for being a nice person with a pleasant personality, and she has those. The other thing that a couple of relatives of mine realized about me in my teen years is how I'm attracted to a "bubbly" personality, the laugh at things, have fun with life, be the life of the party, to me Ellie has that too! Maybe that is because it was opposite to my shy demeanor at the time, so opposites attract? I'm not so shy anymore, so who knows? Here's what I know, Ellie, to me, is drop dead gorgeous, and she is one of very few people I know that will put a smile on my face and make my heart happy, even if it's just to talk to her. And now I was hours away from being intimate with her! So anyways, to say I like the woman is an understatement, I faced my fear of driving alone to see her right? The party negotiation was easy enough, I didn't have nearly the amount I would have liked to really really have an unforgettable time, length-wise, with her, but the time we did have in the fantasy suite was so special. I had never experienced that, to be so close and so comfortable with somebody that I had known for months. I'd waited since April's disappointment to be with her, and I could tell that she wanted to "re-ignite" our passions just as much. I didn't want to waste one moment with Ellie, and I felt like we did a lot of things in the time we had allowed. It was an amazing time with a woman that I feel like, the more we play together, the connection and memories will just get better and better! During this party, I had so many "flash memories" of appreciation, just for how beautiful she looked through the whole time, I was beyond humbled to be experiencing these amazing moments with her.

    I had other good moments hanging out at the Sagebrush off-and-on through the next couple of days. Had a superb conversation with @Natasha Star at the bar that was one of the easiest, sexiest chats I've ever had. There's something to be said for the ability to hold a conversation, both ways! I told Ellie I was really into @Kaylee Marie and she invited me back into her room to get to know each other. Really really sweet girl I would be delighted to just have five minutes with someday! Caught a great Russian accent from @ChloeCakes that was so good I spent 10 seconds wondering who Dennis had got to come straight from Moscow to the brothels! LOL I watched as two of the girls, one being the absolutely beautiful @ZoeyCherry , played pool while complaining about disrespecting "their goats"....LOL, you will have to ask the girls about that one!!!!! I've always been more than interested in Zoey, she has the combination of looks and personality (legs for days, easy to talk to, fun to be around) that will eventually, I continue to hope, have us in 'party-mode' soon. Finances prevented that from happening this time, going to effort over the next few months to change that! :)

    I actually made my way to all four houses to say hi to the girls that I've gotten close with, and apologize for being a poor schmuck unable to swing anything more than one party this time. I came very close to partying with @rileyzane over at the Love Ranch, after the temptations of her bed in discussions were very strong. I'm still completely into the vibe that @DollyHart gives off. We've had both really good deep discussions on the phone and text each other all the time. There is mutual attraction, I do hope a party is in our future! She would be a blast! Another great discussion I had was with @Felina Meow , whom I had 'hit it off' with pretty well the week before in the Kit Kat livestream last Thursday. A couple of the girls whom I had hoped to catch up with at Bunny Ranch were not there on Tuesday, so Lacy and Aspen, I'll see you both again soon! Two of the more pleasant surprises at Bunny were seeing @MiaAmore and @TiaraTae , who girls who played roles in the story of my first night ever at a brothel. I spoke with both of them, and that brought back many memories from 13 months ago. I'm so happy to see Mia back at the ranch. All winter long, she was my focus on returning to the Bunny Ranch and partying, in probably April or so. The party hasn't happened yet, but, maybe someday? If I partied with every girl I wanted to in a brothel trip, well, I'd be either in crippling debt, or I'd be a rich celebrity, LOL!

    The goodbyes with Ellie were terribly hard. On Tuesday night, me not knowing if I'd swing by on Wednesday (who am I kidding, I knew I'd swing by LOL, but you know, there's never a guarantee Ellie would be available)............On Tuesday night, we had moments of hugging at the bar, twice, because I'm "really hard to say goodbye too". Believe me girl, the feeling is mutual toward you too! We had a moment of just hugging each other tight as I whispered into her ear. On Wednesday morning, I made my final run around the brothels, was going to say goodbye to Dolly, but she was sound asleep, wasn't going to wake her for that. I did get a compliment Kit Kat tour from @cumishaamado and she was sweet as can be! I went across the cul-de-sac to Sagebrush and got an ice water, and waited for 11 o'clock. As I was enjoying my water, I felt a pair of fingertips across my back and it was Ellie! I was both looking forward to, but mostly fearing, this moment as the goodbye when I know it will be for at least 4-5 months. The night before, the feeling of missing her hit me hard, got me suddenly emotional, and I didn't want to be that way in person with her. I remained very strong, but we felt inseparable as we kept embracing, I'd get closer to the door, and with one last hug and a message of "eventually we have to stop doing this!", I said, "Goodbye Ellie!" got in my car and headed east. It was over, at least for now.

    The drive back was uneventful, but terribly long. I wish the goodbyes didn't leave me that sad and emotionally frayed for days on end (it's now Friday morning and I'm still in 'that place'), but I guess you just keep living life and go! Fearing my car engine acting up, I kept the air conditioner off and drove through Nevada with my driver's side window down. The scenery, this time during the day, was beautiful! I have so much more appreciation of the state seeing that! I had my left arm resting in the window and that was a mistake! It is burnt, lobster-red style, and very sore! I knew it was happening, and tried to keep my forearm out of the sun in eastern Nevada, but had can be hard to do!

    On the return trip, I hit the Bonneville Salt Flats of western Utah at 6:55 PM (mountain time now). I knew that Sagebrush was having their live stream in five minutes, and I had a system that would at least allow me to listen into the show, playing the audio through my sound system, and have my messages in the chatroom go into the system by voice-command, so I was set to go. Was pleased that the very straight and flat Utah landscape made the driving part very easy! So livestream starts, and, OMG, it is ELLIE :) :) :) hosting for the first time ever! I immediately go into this strange half-feeling of excitement over just being able to see her, but still sadness over the part of being physically not there with her :( but she looked more amazing than I've ever seen her! Just happy and chatty, and she was rocking a fire red lipstick that a lot of women can't get away with, but not her, just made her look like the most beautiful woman (and face) I'd ever seen! The livestream experiment didn't go perfectly for me, as the video was going in and out, not a surprise given the remoteness of the land west of Salt Lake, but still, isn't 21st Century technology great? Instead of missing Ellie and trying to focus on the memories I'd made with her, I was able to see her and even get a very excited wave to the camera when she knew who "Jessica" was watching her from 8 hours away! :)

    Capture.PNG Capture.PNG

    It rained in Wyoming, and by the middle of the state, I was DEAD TIRED. I'd told myself, and promised to those concerned about my safety in returning (Ellie? LOL) that I would stop if I got to that level of tired. So I began to watch for the next rest stop. There are two options in Wyoming, rest stops and parking stops. The parking stops were a no go, it was literally 60-70 semis taking up every available option and no room for the common folk, so I'm looking for a rest stop. The weather was cool outside, and even getting an hour of shut-eye would do me a WORLD of good. Well, Wyoming and I-80, you suck! I went 250 miles, all the way to Cheyenne, passed five rest stops, all about 50 miles apart, and EVERY ONE OF THEM WAS CLOSED! There was tons of road construction and one-lane set-ups, and every construction zone closed off access to the rest stops. I was super pissed, talk about dangerous to have drowsy people on the roads with no ability to hello, REST!

    By the time I got into Nebraska, the sun was up and it was noticeably humid. I was getting very concerned about my level of tiredness, as I was experiencing 1/2 second moments of flashing in and out of focus. I began to slap myself on the face, I was chugging the Mountain Dews and waters I had bought in Wyoming. I did stop at a rest stop in central Nebraska, but realized quickly that sleeping in my car, even with the windows down, in the 8 o'clock morning heat was not gonna happen. I looked and felt just ragged as I made my way back onto the interstate. The level of tiredness intensified, but my concentration helped me through, as I made my way to Lincoln, traveled across the river into Iowa, and back into Missouri.

    I got home at 3 PM (28 hours in the damn car, ARGH) and don't remember feeling that level of tiredness. I could barely make it up my steps without getting tipsy. The world felt like it was moving in slow-motion. Everything felt 'off' as I trudged through my front door and heard the meow of a very happy kitty-cat, happy to see her daddy after 4 1/2 days away. A nap of 30 minutes got me through the afternoon and early evening, and I slept like a ROCK last night (10 hours of hard sleep), I feel like a brand new person!

    However, twice in the final three miles of my travels, my car decided to stop again. Once, outside of town, it stalled coming out of an intersection (it was 103 degrees and I wasn't going to ignore the air conditioning), and two blocks from my place, it did the same thing, again waiting at a stop light. At least it's starting well LOL

    The July trip to Carson City now goes into the "successful" category, with only one regret. One of these trips, it has to be for either A. My birthday (July 26th) or B. for a Sagebrush monthly party or Bunny Ranch party (4th of July, Dennis b'day????). Unfortunately for this month, Ellie's tour ends just before my birthday, so different plans were made. Already since my return, I'm making "lay-away" plans with Ellie for a bigger and better party session with her in the fall, so I'm now past the sadness stage and looking forward to a quick weekend getaway to Carson City toward Thanksgiving!

    Will I ever drive it again? Maybe.....if I had a better vehicle, say a big truck or something like that, and lots more coin, it might be fun. In a vehicle that struggled up and down mountains and stalled three times, no! The freedom of having your vehicle available to go back and forth to the brothels is wonderful, but flying into Reno and relying on the drivers to get you around isn't a bad option either. I will say this, as long as the travel was, as difficult as it is doing it alone, as tired as I was in arriving and driving over those last few hours, both ways, if I had the decision to make again, and Ellie was waiting for me on the other end with a smile and a hug, I'd do it all again (just let me get an oil change and my engine fixed first!) :)
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    Thank you for sharing your story, @Jessie Summers! It was a pleasure to have you come visit us, and good to know just how well worth the travel it was! :)
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  3. Thank you Roxy! I always enjoy bumping into you when I'm at sagebrush!
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    Thank you so much for sharing this story! I'm so glad you had such an amazing time with Ellie! She is sweetness personified isn't she!
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  5. The most amazing sweet person! My heart melted on livestream that night when she thanked me for coming to see her, was so sincere, and I appreciated it!
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  6. Delilah Rae
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    That's exactly how she is! I'm sorry I missed meeting you in person but I'm glad you had such a good time!
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  7. Oh I had a work scheduled item for Saturday night that pushed my trip to earlier in the week. The sad part is the work thing got cancelled, but too late to change, would had loved ellie on my arm for the USA party, did u say you are a Minnesota girl delilah?
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    Yes I am! The Twins might be having a bad season but I stand by them lol
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  9. I was born in duluth, lived in the area until 1992, moved to Minneapolis to go to school (92-96), lived in st. Paul until new years 98, been living in Kansas (98 to 2002) or Missouri (02 to present) ever since

    Most of my immediate family still lives in, or within 50 miles of duluth :)
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    I love going up north with the dogs whenever I can get away!
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  11. I love up north, other than the giant sized mosquitoes! I'm actually looking for work (radio) in nevada, has to be financially worth the move though!
  12. Delilah Rae
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    I understand that game! I'm not quite ready to leave the green for the desert but I love coming here for a few weeks and then heading to the lakes for a few weeks.
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