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    Hi guys,
    I wanted to post some cute ideas of romantic dates. Nevada has so much to offer and if you are looking to explore what a great way to do it with me guiding you and showing you around.
    1. Hiking in Carson, let's get active and a little dirty going to the carson city waterfall hiking area, then we can come back and get squeaky clean. Maybe a relaxing bath?
    2. Night at the peppermill or Gsr, let's get dressed up and enjoy the night and the hotel, we can gamble , go have dinner, maybe a few drinks? Then end the night at the room , to overlook the city from our rooms and have a passionate night.
    3. Lake tahoe- there is so many activities, my favorite is going on a boat ride, just enjoying the view and maybe a dip in the water, after that let me take you to the secret nude beach, where we can be in our birthday suits, and feel a little wild and daring.
    4.pack your bags- let's enjoy a day or two in beautiful Las Vegas, there is so much to do there , gondolas, high roller , a show? Let's escape and have a little but of fun in the city that never sleeps.
    Angelique Rose
    What is your guys favorite out date?
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    Going out to dinner and gambling at the casinos
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    This sounds like an amazing fun time [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

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