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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. OMG DENNIS!!!

    I wake up this lovely Saturday morning and what do I see. You with your hands bound above your head around a pole. I love putting men into that position well-minus the pole. Looks like you were enjoying the game.

    Now thats what I call submission....

    Love ya baby
  2. so your a little dominate huh?

    I am much better at giving then getting, I let thme do that because therew was 500 people watching. They wanted to cuff me and I just laughed, no why, if we play policeman I will be the cop, you can be the criminal that needs to be punished.

    How is your twin?
  3. Dennis

    I usually am the submissive but Im not against tying you up in various postions. For you I would try on a different hat so to speak....lol

    I also have a HUGE cop fetish...the uniform....the sunglasses....the nightstick and above all the handcuffs....I would love to be bent over the squad car and told to 'spread um'!

    My twin is fine ...BUT she is out of commission...can you believe she is pregnant with TWINS!!! We are sooooo excited.

    So have you recovered from your jaunts abroad...better rest up baby your big birthday bash is fast approaching.

  4. Lets stick with you being a sub, I am a great giver.

    I will buy a used police car and help you with your fantasy.

    Sis & twins the odds are crazy for that to happen aren't they.

    The B day party will be crazy wish everyone here could be there.
  5. Dennis

    You are such a considerate man to offer to help me out with my cop fantasy. I will stay in my sub mode and let you be the one in control no matter what the angle...lol

    Yes twins usually skip a generation so it is odd for her to be having them. My neice just had twins 15 months ago so this is a bit much for my family. We cant keep up with all the babies running around. On the other hand, Im glad to that when they arent cute anymore I can send them home.

    Im sure the party will be off the hook.....you deserve it sweetie.

    Hugs and Kisses

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