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  1. Dennis,

    Please fly down to Kansas City with Becca and recruit kcscgirl (samantha). Do it for Becca...

  2. Yes, PLEASE... LET'S GO ASAP... I'm free in 3.5 seconds...
    Do it for me, you, the Ranch and all of our BunnyChat posters.... Hell, do it for all of mankind.... :wink:
  3. ha ha yall are way too sweet....come on to kc babe i got the house all to myself tonight no'll be up at the ranch as soon as i can....hopefully thursday or friday... :wink:

  4. Dennis,
    This is Sam (or Samantha...). She is 21, lives in Kansas City, a total hottie, and she is completely fine with letting me ravage her... of which I would really like to do. She is a dancer, so at the very least I would like a lap dance...

  5. meet us in Portland thur or fri or back in reno sat to hang with Blues Traveler.
  6. i can't be there thursday sorry i gotta stay in kc to go out with a regular to a black tie thing....but i will be in nv fri sat sun mon wanted to work in vegas 1-2 of those night and spend some time hangin out at the ranch as well while i'm in town...i got my plane ticket already from here to vegas on it one way because i wasn't sure what was goin on yet but i figured i would fly to vegas work...have a customer from kc that is gonna be in vegas and is coming to the club to see me so i gotta work at least one night....and then fly from there to reno/tahoe airport and stay there for a few days....should i get a hotel room or what?...i sent becca a pm earlier today about my trip but haven't heard back yet i'm sure she is crazy busy today...can't wait to see yall!
  7. Hey dennis what time are yall leaving today? i want to finalize my plans for my trip i leave for vegas tomorrow and know that yall will be gone till saturday so i won't talk to yall till then...kind of up in the air with what to me know babe....

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