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  1. Hi Everyone I'm New!

    I saw the The Tyra show featuring the Moonlite Ranch I keep thinking about the 2 gentlemen featured both the single and the married nevous :oops: Joeys were Hot! and I just been wondering if anyone knows if the married nevous Joey been with Air Force Amy with or without his wife yet?

    I also thought Air Force was Very Nice as well as pretty and both Joes were Hot!!

    Take Care Everyone, AirForce Amy and Both Joeys!!

    Donnie528, Bloomington,IN
  2. YES... I agree MY JOEY!!! is HOTT :lol:

    And Nope he hasn't partied with Ms. Amy although she did try

  3. was that seriously your hubby???

  4. i just watched it off my tivo. you guys came out real good.
  5. Yes, He is all MINE lol

    Well except when I'm in the mood to share with bunnies :wink:

    Thank you all for the complements on the show, we wanted to show the other side of the bunny ranch and let people see what really goes on and How GREAT all the girls really are!!!

  6. Thanks Jack it was nice to get to meet you too :)
  8. kevinz0071
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    That is sooo cool you guys rock. Gooo bunnies
  9. 8) i thought you were the cute one... just so you know hehehe

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