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  1. hi dennis and suzzette
    i know you probably get this alot but i love the show a lot and just began watching the new season and it looks to be as great as the last season.

    now i had two questions i was hoping either of you could answer for me if you can, firstly when men or women, couples or single come in to party with the girls are you very cautious with them when it comes to checking their id and what do you do to make sure it is correct? i ask because i know that if you let someone in underaged and do not know it then next thing you know you could have the cops on your door step

    secondly from watching the new season you have new girls and i was just wondering are the girls from the first season still with the ranch? i am espcially intrested to know about my favorite isabella soprano since i read she wasn't but there was no mentioning of why
  2. The last me I was at the ranch was last year, she will be in this years show. She is taking a break from the biz right now
  3. another question

    i have another question.
    have any of your young bunnies ever had conflicts with their parents? i would love to be a bunny, but i know my mom would kill me if i became a bunny. my mom flipped out when i was just talking about partcicipating in one of the PETA demonstrations where people are naked!
  4. I'm not trying to be a jerk here, just passing along information.

    PETA is actually the worst of all the animal rights activivst groups. They euthanize more animals than they save. Do a little research on them outside of their sources and you'll find some horrifying information. ALF is a much better group, but I'm sure they have some skeletons in their closet as well.
  5. YUM-YUM P.E.T.A = people eating tastey animals

    Chili cook
  6. haha

    tht was soo funny chili.. "sick burn"... "Napolean Dynomite" lov tht movie, lmfao! :D

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