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  1. About the free sex party, when a person wins, how long do you have to redeem it?
  2. Winners

    It would be cool if we could get the winners to let us post their Photos on the web site.
    But I find it interesteing that someone has no problem getting drunk and stupid and will let friends take photos of them with their head in a toilet, but no way will they admit that they went to a brothel to have sex.

    We get hundreds of entires a month. We like to pull a winner once a month.

    A couple of years ago we had a Magazine run the contest in their Magazine. But the winner had to agree to be in a photo spread after claiming his prize.
    The winner did agree and they published the winner having sex with the Bunny of his choice.

    The time limit is to use the prize is not set in stone but we would like for the winner to use it within 6 months.
    Maybe we should change the rules to where the winner has to allow his or her photo on the website?
  3. Re: Winners

    would be a good idea.. that way both side are on the same terms as to what is exspected..
  4. I guess the question is to hard to answer. :roll: :?
  5. I guess the answer is too hard to read.

    - K.
  6. my g/f and i entered for the contest via email quite some time back....personally i would be quite happy to pose for a photo if it meant that i got a free party with one of the girls...i can't speak for my g/f on it but i suspect she might be willing.... :)

    speaking of which....i take it the contest is still going it possible to check and make sure our name is still in the running...i recall something about our names getting removed if we entered more than once and i guess i just want reassurance that it's still there

  7. hi

    We would post our pic too ... Quick Question ...
    do you have to Re enter every month .. do they throw them out at the end of each month and start over ... or just let them build up each month adding the month Before
    let us know ... in case we have to Re enter :)
    C and T
  8. Answer Please

    I haven't noticed an answer from the Bunny Ranch to the question as to whetrher you need to re-submit an entry every month.
    What is it?
  9. " All entrees will roll over monthly."...this is the exact quote from the contest rules.

    i hope this helps answer your question. :D
  10. Yes the names do roll over each month.
    But we are rethinking the rules of the contest.
    We have been really busy with other items at present.

    We are thinking about restarting the contest.
    All new entries must be willing to have there photo taken if picked as a winner.
    All entries must agree to subscribe to our free email newsletter.
    All entries must agree to use redeem their prize within 90 days if picked as a winner.
    We are still deciding if the prize will allow a couple to have a party together.

    Would winner agree to go on National TV?.... HBO, Howard Stern, etc.
  11. Re: Winners

    ...I guess that means sticking your head in a toilet is more common!?! :D

    Uh – yeah. :?

  12. I would have no problem going on HBO or Howard Stern sign me up ! 8)
  13. I'm out,last time I was on HBO I had on a Mini-Skirt and thigh high Boots.I was on the track trying to make $20 for a Rock and a Burger.........
  14. you forgot about the bunny ears

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