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  1. Hello there my question for Dennis is how did you start the bunny ranch because my bf and I are interested in starting something like what you have we just dont know how to do so and were wondering if you had any advice on how to do so. Thank you for any advice you may have
  2. Hello "kinkycouplefrom boise",

    I'm not Dennis, but I do know a little of the ranch's history and the overall legal brothel licensing process in Nevada. Mr. Hof purchased his flagship property, then known as the Moonlight Ranch, from its previous owner. I believe that occurred sometime in the early 1990s (perhaps earlier), but the brothel itself pre-dates his ownership. Also, that's why the street on which the Moonlite BunnyRanch (MLBR) is located on is called Moonlight Road rather than Moonlite Road (Dennis himself explained to me the difference in spelling was due to legal technicalities when he first purchased the brothel). After a period of time, Mr. Hof went on to purchase a second nearby brothel, then known as Kitty's. After running that operation for many years under a couple of variations of the Kitty's name, he decided to rechristen it as the BunnyRanch Two (BR2) in 2004.

    All legal Nevada brothels are licensed by the county in which they reside (Lyon County, in the case of both of Dennis' houses). There are only so many licenses available per county, so one cannot just open a new brothel without first obtaining such rights. Any prospective license owner(s) must pass a background and financial check and be approved by the board governing legal brothels in the applicable county.

    Hope this info has been helpful! Dennis or Madame Suzette can probably answer and additional questions you may have, or correct any details I may have gotten wrong above.

    Speed Racer

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