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  1. I was wondering if youve ever been turned down from a Bunny for sex? :?:
  2. Are there girls that I have not played with in the past 13 years? Hell yes

    Its like any other dating situation it just happens, the difference is it happens faster with us because we are more open about sex.

    Turned down? NO, why? because I take my time and get to know a girl and when it gets down to us going out we both know where its heading,
    my house.

    NO girl has to play with me!!! just like she does not have to play with a client unless she wants to, HER CHOICE and only her choice.

    The best situation for me is to date a girl that likes girls like my X did and she would get to know girls and ask me if they could come home with us.
    HELL YES!!!!
  3. Well since there is already an ask Dennis a question topic i have a couple. I have noticed a couple of times that there is a humidor at the bar, and that u usally have one in several pictures. I love a good cigar and have had a chance a couple times to smoke a good Cuban cigar. What are your favorites? What kind are in your humidor? And last but not least, do you only smoke one brand, or do you like to try many differant brands? I know its kind of off the usually subject matter, but any question i could ask has already been asked. Besides i love a great cigar as much as a good lay.
  4. YES, I love a good cuban from my private collection. We can't sell them but I love them.

    My favorites are Punch and Romeo & Julietta cubans, I have been to there factories in Havana. I partied with some hotties on the beach in cuba that taught me how to enjoy a good cuban. you have a little hottie give you head while your smoking, GOD i loved it!!!!! I want to try that again here in the states, GIRLS HELP ME!!!
  5. OK, D. Now I'm MAD :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil:
    For this comment, no more "special tasting" cigars. If you ask, I will tell you just where you can put that cigar... :roll: :lol:

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