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  1. Hi Dennis, (and every one else on the board)

    This is my first post. Ive really enjoyed watching the bunnys on HBO, and i would love to come out to the ranch someday...maybe with my boyfriend. Heres the thing...women are wonderful and all..but im not sexually attracted to women. Are you ever going to have male bunnys(studs). Ive heard some say that having a male "stud" is hard because they cant just magically get erections all day. But I wonder..why is it that they have to have intercourse with the female customers. The female bunnys dont have intercourse with use (female customers) either. I would love to see a menu for females to have such things as " a sensual message", foreplay, hand and oral stimulation. :p ..and even the use of toys. And the female customer can choose to have a female bunny or male "stud" to play with. I would be there in a heart beat if i knew that there was a sexy stud for me to play with while my man could play with a sexy bunny. Hopefully one day you can employee a few guys for us "man lovin " women to party with. Good luck with everything. :) I cant wait to see you and the bunnys on hbo again. :D

  2. hahaha isnt this funny Dennis??

    We just spoke about this yesterday.. Im trying to find out if my Fiance can get licensed so that we can do some cuckholding parties together..

    (cuckholding is where a man wants his wife/gf to get fucked by another man because he feels that he cant please her enough... either because his dick is too small, or he is just not experienced enough)

    I agree though hun... it would be great if there were some Male bunnies on call for the couples that show up at the ranch... couples like us who have swinging fantasies..

    Maybe you can do the digging with your lawyer Dennis... and then pass the info onto me. hehehe



  3. Its been posted in another thread that its still against the law for men to be legal sex workers in the state of Nevada.
  4. Dennis,

    Should you ever put something like this together, let me know. I would be up for discussion on it. I may be to picky though. Who knows? Viagra, would probably work wonders in this situation!
  5. I thought Heidi Fleiss was opening an all male brothel in Nevada
  6. Well...haven't heard that news anywhere. Got a link from a reputable website source? From what I've read on how to get a regular brothel going, its a helluva lot of paper work...I can only imagine the paperwork if a male brothel gets started. By the way, are there any pretty men in this country? Most men in this country...well, just look at Mr. Git er Done
  7. If memory serves, Dennis was the one who said that Heidi Fleiss was opening a male brothel. I actually saw it on TV awhile back, too.
  8. Thanks for the heads up on that Lindsay :) and I'm not sure if that picture in your avatar is you, but I would like to tap that ass :twisted:
  9. This is from last November, but Fleiss is/was trying to open a male brothel in Nye County: ... 28940.html

    Several things I've read have stated that male prostitution technically isn't illegal, but the problem has to do with how existing laws are written. Most brothel laws are female specific. They also specify "cervical exams" and that might be kinda tough for a man to have. It's not that it is illegal, it is just that the current laws are vague (feminine specific).
  10. She's also taking apps for her stud farm ...

    We'll see how this goes. One imagines that if Heidi can make it work, so can Dennis -- and probably at a much better, professional level.

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