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  1. First I want to thank Dennis and his Wonderful Bunny Ranch for giving a guy like me some hope. I'm a 35yo Virgin :shock: and have just decided to plan my first trip out there. Even know who I hope to part with, Air Force Amy. (Though I might have jumped the gun a little emailing her so soon :oops: )

    So as you might guess I know next to nothing about sex, at least in a practical/skills capacity. (I do get it on a conceptual level ie. Tab A into slot B :? ) Getting to the point I was watching a borrowed copy of the first season of Cathouse last night and was wondering if you still do classes like in the 1st ep. Though I might need much more help than just finding the G spot :lol:

    Thank you for giving me a little of your time - Rincewind
  2. I just changed the subject heading, again, in hopes it will get someones attention. :D
  3. Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I'm sure Air Force Amy is a great teacher. Nothing like private lessons...

  4. rince

    i agree anna, rincewind the only way ur gonna know and learn is to jump right in and get it on... like she said personal lessons cant get any better than tht! :wink: Hope to meet ya when ya cum to the br baby! xoxo aj
  5. Re: rince

    Thanks for the reply. I know your right Angelina. That sounds like the best way to go, just learn from doing. It just that sometimes I just like to know as much as I can when starting something new. Because I really do hope I can give my first at least a little bit of pleasure :oops: .

    My biggest problem now though is who. Don't know who I want to be the first of you ladies :oops: . (Again knowledge the thing)Ive gotten to know a little about some of you since I first joined. There are at least half a dozen lovely ladies now (including you Anna and Angelina) that it would be a honor to get to spend time with.

    But sadly I probably will have little say. It will just depend who is there, and hit it off with, when I can get away and go. But hopefully some of you will be there when it happens.

    But thanks again Angelina and Anna. It does make me feel better that at least someone took some time to addres some of my concerns.
  6. info

    no problem sweetie, it was my pleasure! I hope it helped a lil... but id def be honored to be ur first, maybe we can learn a few new things together! lol... hope to meet ya soon baby! :wink:

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