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  1. Hello,

    I saw the HBO segment and I was hooked. Im looking for a bunny who does GREAT rope bondage, and who can put me in all sorts of cool bondage positions! :D BUT, only rope. Of course some of us are shy so thats why I'm here. Ide rather know before I get there If I ever get enough guts to go. Thanks bunnies.
  2. Hmmm, I'll ask around, but offhand I don't know anyone who does rope. I do know some girls who love bondage though.
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    8) :) :) :) :lol:
  4. What is rope bondage?
  5. Rope bondage is when you use actual braided or wound rope to tie someone up, instead of prefabricated ties, straps, or scarves. It's a little more rough, but some folks prefer that to the gentler, softer textures.
  6. Traci you could tie me up with last weeks undone laundry for all I would care. As long as you promise to take some serious advantage of me once I'm restrained.
  7. Darlin', whatever you want to do. But I don't have to tie you up to take advantage of you! :twisted:

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