Professional Massage For The Bunny Ranch!!!!

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  1. Hello Dennis & Madame Suzette,

    I was watching your show and heard all of the girls saying how they love their sexy shoes but their feet hurt? I am a professional Massage Therapist with a Degree. I specialize in Reflexology, Deep Tissue Massage, and Lymphatic Drainage.

    I know your girls work very hard there and self care is very important to them. Therefore, what better way then to have a professional Massage Therapist come in every month and take away some foot, back or neck pain.

    I specialize in very specific pain management and injury work out in Denver, Colorado. Therefore, I would be willing to travel and bring my specialties to you! I do not want famous acclaim nor have a desire to be on HBO but am a honest hard working entrepreneur looking at alternative ways to expand my practice. I have experience in putting together these types of events for various types of clients too!

    All of my Massage Services include Aromatherapy.
    My Reflexology Sessions (Foot Massage) Include Hot oil
    and hydrotherapy treatment! (They will love it!)

    If you are interested:

    Please contact me through your website or [email protected]

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