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  1. I did not realize that the woman who are accepted for your positions are Plus Size woman. I would like to submit an application for a position as a working girl at the Bunny Ranch. I am a little out of practice in the sex department, however I have a lot to offer.
  2. btw, what is the top u accept as plus size? like how many pounds..or in pants size..

    and do u accept people with scars? like me for exemple, i had a breast reduction..

    for 5 f 2, wear size 16 of pants..with lil scars on the breasts..would i be accepted..or theres a limit..i'm in canada, so its just to talk like this..maybe somebody in the same position as me that would like to go..
  3. If you would like to be a bunny simply click the >>BE A BUNNY<< up in the right hand corner! :lol: :lol:
  4. So does the Bunny Ranch hire plus size girls? Just wondering---I'm nothing skinny but know how to please!! Lots of guys like plus size girls--so I've been told! Just wondering about all this! Would love to work at the BR if I knew they wold hire Plus size girls--
  5. if you look through the girls there are a couple of plus size girls...they really have all types of girls different people are into different things and they have something for everyone.
  6. As far as I've always heard, it's pretty common to have at least one or two BBW's at the Ranch to keep the line filled with variety. When watching "Cathouse" I noticed that they had busty girls, blonde 'n petite, black girls, asian girls, young girls, old girls, BBW's, etc. So it never hurts to try to apply. Hell, I'm a black and asian 38D busty beauty. I'm NOT a supermodel, but I'm determined for people to look at me as such. One thing that made me want to apply was seeing Danielle Nix online. She's thick, busty and has a glowing smile. I have a winning personality, fun and down to earth and will treat u like gold as long as I have the same from you. No matter what YOU may think is beautiful, there's a man somewhere who loves them thick and he ain't afraid to show it. If you have the eye of the tiger and are a go-getter, with God on your side, who can be against you? Give it a try, you never know!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    xoxoxoxoxo Dior
  7. when I see a line up.. I go by who I connect with.. large small doesnt matter. if you have a great smile.. its game on
  8. Dayum, Gurl..... Don't think any one would wonder why I think you're incredible after reading this!
  9. I checked out Danielle Nix---she is hot but to me she is not a plus size girl----she is just busty and sexy as hell!
  10. Awww, you're a doll hon.

    xoxoxoxoxo Dior
  11. Thanks VERY much, so are you!
    I can't wait to meet you when you get to the ranch.
    You are BEAUTIFUL! I thought so right from the start!
    As for bigger women, I'm big, bad, bold & Beautiful.... & I'm not ashamed!
  12. Me

    If my husband would be ok with it I would totally apply.
    Happy thoughts
  13. EXACTLY..... if you're serious about it, you gotta follow the protocol! i don't think posting a message saying you want to be a bunny is gonna get you there any faster.
  14. Linds, I think these girls are more or less nervous to apply. I feel them, I was really worried that I would be the only black girl other than Danielle who worked there! LMAO, now I know better.

    Luv Ya Gal!!!

    xoxoxoxox Dior
  15. it's just like all day every day there are 50 messages saying i wanna be a bunny..... so go do it!!!
  16. Some of us aren't as sexy and beautiful as you---we want to be bunnies but know we don't look the part! So that's what all the"50 messages" are probably about! We all ain't beauty queens but dream big anyways! Later---XOXOXO from the southern gal!! ;)

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