Pink Harley Bunny Bike

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. The response is crazy, they have rolling BunnyRanch billboards running around every where in Daytona.
    People are lined up at our booth on main st to see the new Pink Bunny Bike, its way to hot just like the Bunnies.
    We did an interview for th eOrlando TV station today and also one for Speed Week. Easy Rider does an interview tomorrow.
    I never expected this response, Biker Dreams had the Sturigis Bike Week people make up 30,000 Bunnyranch shirts to sell at all their booths and for me and the girls to sign, and guess what they are selling them big time.

    Shols we put the new Bunny Bike in the show?

  2. That's an awesome response Dennis. I wholeheartedly think you should put the bike in the show, the interest you're already getting from the general public there practically demands it.
  3. Wow, that's incredible!! Must be a madhouse down there...I know you are loving it. Wish I could come...Definitely put the bike in the show!
  4. OK I guess we can have it shiped, unless some hottie wants on the back then I will drive it home and stop in all rest areas, you bring the blanket.
  5. D, whos in Daytona with you?

    Did you get the links for Myrtle Beach Bike Week?

    xoxoxo Dior
  6. Hey sweetie I was just in Tampa for a week I came back home to Ky on the 5th I miss you guys alot. I cant wait to see Brooke and Daddy love you all. xoxo
  7. Who would ride a Pink Bike?
  8. We miss you!

    Come home soon!!
  9. The same girl that would ride you, a bunny!
  10. Biker party


    We should have the pink harley and a big party at Moonlite.... lots of bikes on HBO, what do u think?

    kisses Fire
  11. I would ride on a Pink Bike behind a strong man with my arms and legs wrapped around his waist as I control the throttle STICK.
  12. Re: Biker party

    I like it and you can be the thrill ride for the boys & girls.
  13. Pink Harley

    Born to be Wild.............
  14. I'd like to get on that thrill ride please, Dennis.... :D

    xoxo Dior
  15. Where can we see a pic of the bike??
  16. 8) Why the "PINK PIMPTHER" of course....

    8) Stuart
    Sex will get you through times of no money until the check clears...
  17. Damn nice looking ride there Dennis, and the bike ain't bad either :wink:
  18. Thanks, I am goin gto start on another one ASAP.

    Its a hardtail unlike the sweet softtail Bunny's
  19. Pink Harley

    I wanna do freaky things on the Pink..... Harley
  20. Who's the other chap bunny!!

    Hey ...I see a picture of by BUTT!! Its HOT isn't it!! LOL..
    Oh and the bike is to!! LOL

    Just thought I would let you know that I was here checking things out...and I really really enjoyed spending my time with you and Brooke at Daytona!! and being a Bunny for a day!!

    I hope to get to the Ranch Soon!! I know you both would love that!! LOL.. we would have way to much fun!

    Love ya
  21. Other pics???

    And by the way ...where are the pics of me and Brooke making out!!! LOL..

    I love ya
  22. Autographs

    I noticed in Daytona that Dennis can sign autographs with both his left and right hands.

    I guess that makes him amphibious.

  23. Re: Pink Harley

    Ok guys tell me the truth, do you want her in that position?

    I do!!!!!
  24. Re: Autographs

    Having the use of both hands is being ambidextrous. I wonder if ambidextrous people jack off with the right, then the left, then the right...
  26. Alexis Fire wrote:
    Born to be Wild............

    Dennis wrote: Ok guys tell me the truth, do you want her in that position?

    I do!!!!!

    rofl Big D ... Like asking a dog do you really want this bone? Oh hell ya :lol:

    Dam nice ride Dennis ... like the old school effect

    playtoy 8)
  27. My Dear Gretchen! you know I would let you control my throttle stick any day! :twisted: :twisted: :D :twisted: :lol:

    playtoy 8)
  28. Re: Autographs

    This one has not jerked off in the last 20 years but when I did I used my left hand.
  29. Re: Autographs

    I'd give my left arm to be ambidextrous :shock:
  30. Please cum home to us Paula!! i miss you!! i see another threesome in our future!! :wink: :wink:
  31. Re: Other pics???

    Lady J!!!!!! how are ya babe?!?! so sorry we didn't get a chance to play more :wink: you are an absolute DOLL!!! can't wait to see you again!! hope it's sooner than later!! :wink: :D
  32. Re: Autographs

    Hey who is the hot guy with his back to the camera on your left?
  33. Ummmm,nobody.......
    That's my bad side,the outside.........
  34. daddy i love the bike!!!its greatttttt!!!!!!!!
  35. I miss you to Brooke baby, cant wait for another taste of that sweet ass. :p

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