Party at Hefners Mansion Mar 18th

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Tomorrow we load the Bunnylimo to go the Reno/Tahoe airport to get a flight to LA.

    I will be going to Hefner's mansion for a party tomorrow night.

    I will have my Bunnies with me.

    Bunny Love
    Brooke Taylor
    Stella aka

    The Playboy vs the BunnyRanch Bunnies

    WE WIN!!!!
  2. Dennis

    I am sure you and all the lovely bunnies will have a fantastic time at the Playboy Mansion:) Make sure to post some pics so we call all live vicariously through you.

    Its good to be Dennis Hoff and part of his Entourage!!! I am so jealous.

    Sissy is 32 weeks pregnant as of today and the twin boys look like thay will be making an appearance very soon.


  3. Hi baby, give sissy a kiss and name the baby dennis or denise.

    They don't allow pics at the mansion due to the celebs, but let me try.
  4. I will tell her your request for naming one of the boys Dennis...denise is out since it is twin boys.

    Smuggle out a pic and pm it to one need know about it....Im good at keeping secrets......your wish would be my command sweetheart.

    Love Trix
  5. Twin boys huh?

    How about Dennis & Danny. They would call them Denny & Danny
  6. Sissy will take this request under advisement.....D squared....I cant wait to spoil those little babies rottten.

    Wanna help my babysit D???? That would be a lot of fun......ever fantasized about the babysitter????lol

    Have fun at the mansion...are you sporting some stylish PJ's.

    Love and miss ya,
  7. Hey, I can keep a secret too, Dennis! :wink:
    Have fun, though!
  10. I got the OK from Hef, you will love them.

    The girls were the hit of the party as you would expect.
  11. Hey i can keep secrets too! Hope you had funny Dennis! When you cummin' to SC? Wanna do you bad!! XOXOXO from this southern gal to you!
  12. I think we will be there for the run in Myrtle Beach.

    I don;t know when it is.
  13. Mid May........
  14. I bet they did.
    Ive seen the cathouse shows and i have seen the grrls next store...hands down your grrls have way more spunk :twisted:
  15. When you find out the date... please post! I've been dying to make it back to Myrtle Beach!
  16. RG,
    Want company??


  17. I'm SOOOOOOOO Jealous!! Have fun and post some hot pics!
    Huggs Melissa AKA Ashley
  18. Of course Heather! You know you're welcome to come on any trip I take!! Miss you babe!! Muah!
  19. I will have an answer by Monday, remind me.
  20. Miss you too, honey! Road trip??? =)
  21. what about me, I like road trips?
  22. Rent a Winnebago and come get me!
  23. Going to HEF'S TONIGHT, you should be here!!
  24. i know it!
  25. Hey, we are talking about making a road trip to come to Myrtle and see you, silly!

  26. OMG!!! It's either the weekend before Memorial Day weekend or Memorial Day weekend. I will be there, I wanna party with you, Dennis.

    xoxoxo Dior
  27. Thanks AmericanHotGirl. I agree, the ladies here are much more full of life. Kenda is soooo pretty though, I love her and am psyched that I got a chance to see her.

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