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  1. Hey guys. Get to know me a little bit better by checking out my blog. Click on the link below and read apart of my history with the brothels and growing up in Lyon County just down the street from Moundhouse. I love feedback so please while your there feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think. ENJOY!!!

    Paris Envy Blog direct link:
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  2. Great Blog post I read it. your article just makes sense Brothels are just another employer in the county
    It isn't about what they are selling but they are just a normal part of life. You put the human touch on
    a subject most know nothing about but the negative side.[smilie=happy.gif][smilie=happy.gif][smilie=happy.gif][smilie=happy.gif][smilie=happy.gif]
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  3. ITs because people only hear about one side of prostitution and its the illegal side. Every movie you see on tv if there is a prostitute they portray them as a street walker. They become somewhat educated on prostitution but, the illegal side of it. That is completely opposite and can not be compared to one another because the illegal world and the legal world are two different worlds. Thank you for reading my blog. So glad you enjoyed it.
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  4. Yep, completely on target! That's my biggest change in becoming a "brothel fan" over the past 14 months! The word "prostitution" had such a negative connotation in my mind, that it was mentally tough to jump over that line, even after seeing and realizing how safe and well-run Hof's places are. One visit and I saw how different this world is from the illegal side. Great write-up Paris!
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  5. Thank you so much @Jessie Summers I think that I sometimes forget that most people don't know about the brothels. Because I grew up in nv and had the brothels around me in many different aspects, I overlook that everyone else in the world does not know about this and its not a regular occurence anywhere else. I wish everyone could come visit and see it as I do. I would love to educate people on the ranches
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  6. For me. I knew about the brothels, and maybe even to a point, their legality in nevada, however the prostitute negative image and very conservative biblical home I grew up in kept me from ever looking at a serious visit.

    My mind changed when I got a promotional email from bunny ranch last March about a girl that was highlighting a major fetish of mine. An afternoon of investigating the Dennis Hof brothels started the process of where I am today!
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  7. And before you know it you will be the go to for answers pertaining to the ranches amongst all of your friends. We will make sure you are well equipped
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