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  1. I want to thank the one and only Bentley Jo for making my summer the best ever. We have spent time in the Hot Tub. We went on an outdate aboard the MS Dixie II on Lake Tahoe. We have spent a lot of time talking and texting each other and YES we have had a lot of parties. Nothing, however, compares to what she did for my birthday this weekend.

    I arrived at the ranch around 8:30 only to walk into the middle of a lineup and the I hear lots of laughter coming from the other side of the room. Couldn't have been more perfect timing :). We went to her room and I opened my gifts. This lady has such a great sense of humor.

    After opening the gifts and the birthday card, we negotiated the party for the evening. We had talked about a paint party for several months and I thought it would never happen. Boy was I wrong. Off we went to the wet room with Coco. Bentley got the staff to change the light bulbs in the wet room to black lights for the occasion. First...on with the lights only to see "Happy Birthday Bigre" painted on the table. Then she said "lie down Coco and I are going to paint you". OK...that's something I've never done before. Thanks ladies that was unreal.

    Next we painted Coco. All I can say is wow what fun.

    Finally it was Bentley's turn. She decided she wanted her back painted. Coco and I (mostly Coco) did a great job. We painted a face with a bow tie. Coco took a picture and I'm hoping we can get it posted. Then we washed off...well we tried. I'm still rubbing some paint spots.

    Coco's job was done. Bentley and I went to the Hot Tub. It sure is fun hanging in the tub with her. We are finally getting all of the different buttons and switches figured out. Still can't get the music to work right. Hope we can get that figured out before winter. After the tub off to Bentley's room where she gave me a full body message and took care of business.

    Once we were done we set plans for the next night because I took Bentley on another outdate to see the group Chicago. In my former life I was a trombone player and this was one of the groups I followed as a kid in the 60's and 70's. We had a great time. I drove Bentley through Virginia City and down the ever winding Geiger Grade into Reno. The concert was at the Silver Legacy. We walked through Circus Circus which she had never been to before. The place was packed for the holiday weekend. After the concert we walked back to the car down Virginia Street where I tried to take a picture of Bentley with the city lights, but the picture was not up to her high standards...oh well. We headed back to the ranch talking about the fun we have had the past few days.

    I want to thank Dennis and Suzette for taking a chance and hiring Bentley.

    Above all, I want to thank Bentley for being Bentley. I can't wait to see you again...hopefully soon. Thanks for allowing me to spend time with you!

    [smilie=mylove.gif] [smilie=kiss of love.gif]
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    Cooooooool Trip looks like you two did enjoy the summer. i likeChicago as well. That is a cool outdate I am sure she enjoyed it. Nice to meet you the other night as well.
  3. You were such a blast this just wouldn't be the same without you!!!!
    ~Bentley Jo
  4. That was Great! Kevin!
  5. I do love Bentley as well.. She is a hoot! A sexy one at that ;)

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