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Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by polyman, Jul 17, 2016.

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  1. I'm a newbie that just needs alittle clarification regarding Outdate and Overnight. I have a base idea of them from reviews and posts I've read but I'm still alittle confused.

    Are they considered the same? Maybe they aren't really the same...:confused:

    Well would they be priced the same since they usually evolve a longer period with a lady or would one or the other cost more?

    Which one would be the least expensive?

    Are Outdates and Overnights only reserved/available for trusted/returning clients or can newbies ask for them too?

    I guess spending time with a girl overnight is a Overnight.

    How long is a overnight? Is it 8 hrs, 12 hrs, etc.?
    I assume one would be paying for each hour or is the pricing structure different? So 8 hours with a lady at $500/hr would be about $4000 right? Trying to get a base idea that is all, I know each lady will have their own prices.

    Can anyone draw me a rough draft of how a 8 hour Overnight with a lady might go? Doesn't have to be detailed, even better if there was a review by a client you could link me so I can read it. I just would like to know what it might entail like dinner and/or breakfast with the lady, sex for the full 8 hours, sex in between each meal, etc.

    Are overnights only allowed at the brothel and/or at a hotel?

    I guess outdate is spending time with the lady outside the brothel but within the state of Nevada hence the word out + date.

    Now for outdates I know one needs a hotel room right? Are hotels required or can one also do lodging via airbnb or similar website?

    Is there a limit on how long one could spend with a lady for a outdate? Well I guess that would depend on the lady.

    Lets say a weekend outdate or a 3 day outdate to put it into simpler terms.

    Does one get the full 72 hours or what? Not trying to be picky, just wondering.

    How much time does one pay for? Is it 72 hour period or is it less then 72 hours?

    What would the pricing / cost for this be like?
    I would like to get a idea of the cost for being with a lady that long? Say the cost is $400/hour now and there is 72 hours in a 3 day period. That is about $28,800 for 72 hours with a lady if you paid for every hour. How about we remove 10 hours from each day for sleep which equals 30 hours total. That brings the time to 42 hours which is $16,800.
    Is that a good estimate on how much a 3 day outdate would cost with a lady? Of course this doesn't include anything else which most likely would bring the grand total to about $20k for everything.

    Are there any reviews on this forum for outdates as I would love to read some?

    Not going to ask anyone to make me a rough draft for a outdate as it sounds like there would be to many variables and stuff. But hey if you can do a draft for a 1 day outdate then by all means shoot otherwise its no problem as I got a pretty good imagination.

    Well I believe that is all the questions/concerns I have regarding outdates and overnights. If I have any others I'll be sure to post them till then I will continue browsing and reading. I would like to say thanks to anyone who replies to this thread and a big thank you to all the ladies here.

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  2. shelbystar
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    Hi Polyman,

    I would love to answer your questions.

    And outdate is basically the same as an overnight except the time is much longer!

    The cost of any outdate depends on how long you're going to be with the lady. The longer the time the more expensive. Therefore a typical outdate of 3 to 5 hours is less expensive.

    Overnights can be 8, 12, 24 hrs. or even days. The more you spend two more hours you get.

    An example is
    sex in the limo to destination
    bach to hotel room
    sex, shower, sex,sex
    breakfast in bed
    maybe in limo again

    Hotel of your choice is the best, but you can stay at the ranch!

    No set hours! My suggestion would be do an hourly rate and have her as long as your funds will allow!

    Sleep does count! If you have the lady, you have to pay for the time no matter what you are doing!

    Here is one review from an overnight! I will look for some more! I have been on many outdates and overnights from Reno, Tahoe, and Las Vegas!

    I hope I could help you out! I would love to show you a great time!
  3. cumishaamado
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    VERY INFORMATIVE!!! THANKS FOR SHARING AND I HOPE THIS HELPS ALL THE NEWBIES!!! YOU ARE AWESOME AND ADORABLE!!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  4. Overnight parties generally refer to staying at the ranch and partying "overnight" or for a long period of time. At the Mound House ranches, BunnyRanch, Love Ranch North, Sagebrush Ranch and Kit Kat Ranch the ladies work 12-14 hour shifts, and since those brothels are open 24 hours some ladies sleep when the sun is up which is their night since the ladies have different shift hours.

    Outdates are when you actually leave the ranch. They can last from a short hour or two to days, and are generally more expensive.

    With any lady you pick your cost often varies depending on what type of activity you want in your party, no matter how long the party lasts. If you are heavy into S&M and giving pain, you might expect to pay more than if you are just going to have sex and sleep like together like with a girlfriend on a date. She might want to know if you plan on tying her up for hours or some other fetish that you have.

    Newbies can ask for overnights and outdates, no problem there. Some ladies prefer to know the person before trusting them with outdates, since there might be no one there to assist her if things get out of hand. You can even go camping in the forest on an outdate and sleep in a tent. Also, for more expensive longer parties like overnights and outdates, some ladies might want to have partied with you before so that they know there is some sexual chemistry and attraction between the two of you and that partying with you can be something enjoyable to her too. The ladies are all different, and react differently to other people when in the bedroom. I think you should have at least a one hour party with a lady to see if you are compatible and then decide if she is the one for you to have a long party with. Why not start with the one hour party, tell her you might want to extend it to an overnight or outdate if things are progressing good and you are enjoying it. You might want to explain your intentions beforehand so she can plan, she might have appointments scheduled where it would cut into the time she has available for you.
  5. Thank you both for your replies, they were very informative.
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  6. cumishaamado
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    THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR ADVICE AND EXPERIENCES - YOU ARE AWESOME [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    Polyman, Shelby summed it up pretty well. I will be having my first out date in September when I visit, followed up with an out date / overnight next January for my Birthday Bash (both with the same special lady). I agree with isurfer about getting to know a lady first. For me, it has been a real pleasure getting to know certain ladies since my first visit to Reno last December (especially the lady I will be spending my extended time with). I will go into my next "adventures" feeling very comfortable that I have made the right choice, which will absolutely make for a much more pleasurable experience.
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  8. caressakisses
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    Shelby gave a great answer to your question. Every lady is different on their rates. Find a girl that you like and talk to her, we are here to help you in anyway we can! PM me and I would love to discuss it with you! I have had many outdate adventures and overnight fun!
    Kisses Caressa
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    Ok this probably a stupid question & I understand that your not aloud to talk about money or cost but if I remember correctly isn't there some kind of cover charge that is added to the outdate regardless if you're going across the street or to Vegas. I don't want to know the amount just if there is a fee.
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  10. There is a house minimum dollar amount for the outdate not an added fee.
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    Ah got cha thanks for the info
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