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  1. Becca the Brat has requested to be the editor of the BunnyRanch on line newsletter.

    What do you think?

    Would I be the publisher?

    I will be interveiwing writers.
  2. I think that's a great idea =)

    I'd definately subscribe to that.
  3. I'll totally subscribe to that!
  4. Hey Dennis!!! Are you really interviewing writers? Would love to interview with you (to write, also) when I arrive at the ranch on the 3rd of Oct.!!!!!
    Can't wait to meet you all!
    Karina :D :wink:
  5. Have bunny's submit work then use the best ones....
  6. Lets duscuss this when you get to the ranch, thanks.
  7. Will you help me grade the work?
  8. I'm working on it... any topics that anyone would like to read about?
  9. -how about proper ettiquette for male customers?

    -what, if any, are your expectations of us?

    -some first time stories from the bunnies. Maybe take one bunny and do an in depth interview with her. give us all the inside info.

    -how about some internal gossip thats going around. Nothing too serious or something that would hurt someones feelings but, just the fun things that happen day to day there. Who played a prank on who kinda stuff

    -A lot of newsletters have something fun on the back page like a crossword or word search type thingie. maybe in corportate something along that line.

    damn, too bad I don't get paid by the idea :)
  10. Hey daddy!

    Let's talk....I'm a writer and I'd love to contribute to the newsletter. Have a lot of experience......ready, willing and able :!: :wink:
  11. How About this

    Some ideas for the news letter could be as follows:
    1) Dear Abby type columon.
    2) A Male prespective Columon.
    3) A Singles Prespective Columon.
  12. becca i think for guys that may be alittle shy about coming to the ranch a good topic would be what to be prepared for. But always would be cool if you did a how to class on the news letter just think if us guys out here learned more about what we would be doing then maybe our confidence in our self would go up just an idea
  13. I think that's a super-cool idea. I'd love to contribute if I could!
  14. I'd like to join in on the fun too. I would love to submit articles and help do any research needed.
  15. Everyone knows Maddison & Rick James, have 2 of the most intriquing personaities on this board :lol:... Maddison needs a "Mad Maddies Corner" or "Maddies Mall section" or "Knookie Knox's Corner" to showcase her skills. As for Rick James, "Show Me The Dennis Dollars" and then we can talk about topics/articles... :wink:
  16. RJ,
    What's in your wallet?

  17. As an adult educator/writer with aspirations of potential bunnyness and being an adult sex educator, I volunteer to contribute an Adult Sex Ed column. I've presented workshops in several states and have written erotica... (there's another suggestion... erotica by the bunnies and patrons)

    Let's Talk!

  18. Id do a little writing for the news lettetr and submitt it. Count me in

    Mr Palm Beach

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