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  1. I had a long conference call today with Sheila Nevins the head of HBO's American Undercover series.

    The current plan is to air one new Cathouse show a month. The first show airs February 10Th after the HBO fight, then the show will be replayed on Thursday nights in our regular spot.

    You will start seeing me and the Bunnies doing a lot of Radio & TV shows to promote the new series starting January 15th. There will be Cat house parties in all major cities. we are now booking me and the Bunnies to host the shows.

    Set your Tivo for Febuary 10th, buy some popcorn & stock up on lube, this season is over the top.
  2. :( I LOVE Cathouse, but, I don't have HBO. I wish I did. Will Cathouse 2: Back In The Saddle and all the episodes ever be on DVD :(
  3. OMG! :shock:

    I'm HO excited!! The new season is going to be HO NAUGHTY!! :twisted:

    Let the countdown begin!! 8)

    p.s......PartyMan, call your cable company and order HB-HO asap!!!
  4. I have HBO.. I can't wait.. mmmm Brooke :D
  5. That is great!! really looking forward to the new shows...

  6. any idea of how long the new shows will be, an hour similar to the specials or half an hour like the series?
  7. There are some very excited Bunnies out here !! We've all been waiting a while to see the new season...we can only imagine how the fans have felt having to wait too !!

    Thanks to Suzette and Dennis for allowing ladies like me to have the opportunity to get their names out there. We all appreciate the hard work that you do to promote our business....
  8. LanaV looks forward to seeing you in January ;-)

    We hope to see you in January, my husband and I had such a fantastic and fun time during the filming last year. We are looking forward to seeing the new series in February.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    LanaV from Kauai Hawaii ;-)

  9. Hawaii

  10. Re: LanaV looks forward to seeing you in January ;-)

    You guys are so cool, send me a number, I would love to speak to you.
    You have my E, [email protected]
  11. Hi Dennis

    Hi Dennis,

    So nice to hear from you again ;-) Do come visit us in Kauai! We would love that. We will be there to see you in the not to distant future as well.


  12. You can always cum here in the meantime! :D
  13. Thank you

  14. Thanks to everyone involved in the process of making the show happen. Cant wait. Phoenix on that major city list?
  15. Re: Hi Dennis

    After seeing this pic, I ish I was there with you now!!
  16. hbo series

    cant wait until our new hbo series comes out. starting feb 10th. I got a sneak preview and they are better than ever.
  17. I can't wait! ill have to order hbo soon..he
  18. Re: hbo series

    A SNEAK PREVIEW !?!?!?!? I am sooooo jealous...LOL :p :lol:
  19. Hi Dennis

    Hi Dennis,
  20. Good question I did not ask.

    I know they are releasing one a month
  21. February is such a long ways a way, this is gonna be unbearable!
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    They should put all the seasons on DVD so all us loyal BR visitors can watch it over and over and over and............. I would buy every season in a heartbeat.
  23. Hey Dennis,

    Will we ever get to see you naked and romping with one or more of the bunnies? I watch Cat House every chance I get and hope to see MUCH more of you on there. I'm a totall Dennis fan (sigh!)
  24. I tried to watch the new episode all about dennis at my friends house but i couldnt find it anywhere :( then i realized we got to see it loooooong before the general public :) Guess you guys should of came to the ranch to preview it with us :D

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