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  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm new here and I thought I'd be polite and introduce myself. Been reading this forum for ages now and I adore you guys.

    I've been working as a ''bunny'' in Europe for a couple of years, although I quit a year ago and went back to college because the laws here make it hard for us girls to stay safe, and that was always my top priority. I never had the luxury of having a ranch to be at. Im so jealous!

    Mr Hof and Madam Suzette, you are like a distant dream come true for girls like me. I really enjoyed my job (especially when I got to bring a little joy and ease to the UN soldiers who just came back home) and sometimes it breaks my heart that I had to let it go.

    If I could I would jump on a plane to Nevada right now just to kiss you both. And the bunnies. And probably the floor of the ranch too! *lol*

    xoxoxo Pixie
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    Thank you for the support of our troops and fellow brothers in arms from the UN I as an ex soldier know what it is like to be away from everything and then get a vacation and go visit places. Also know how great it is to be with a woman for the first time in a long time especially after being in the middle of a combat zone. If you ever make it to the ranch and are there when I visit I owe you a drink

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