new girl in town

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. Hi all. I've replied to a few posts but am relatively new so thought I should make an offical "hi" yeah..I really would love to become a bunny but I'm still not sure if I've got the bunny look.

  2. Well, you've got the look down.

    The rest would have to be left to your resume I guess =b
  3. Oh you got the look. MMM you have very sexy legs !!! :D
  4. Welcome to the board Jess, I'm sure you'll fit right in here. Nice sig pics as well, those eyes should be registered as deadly weapons, as well as those legs.
  5. You're a cutie. Welcome, Welcome!

    xoxoxoxo Dior
  6. thanks all...i think im gonna apply

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