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    1st Meeting:

    I am a 45-year-old Virgin. I got this far along because of purely the journey of life. I had 3 previous relationships (all in Junior High and High School) that all the women were not honest and cheated on me. I’ve thought through this over the years and my conclusion was I couldn’t have been a good person to them for them to treat me that way. So, I turned to college and work (buried my head down to learn all that I could perhaps proving to these prior relationships that they made a mistake… a very delusional person) and closed off all potential personal relationships (when family and friends tried to “fix me up” with women – I politely said no) because my heart for a relationship was just not in it anymore.

    My work is demanding and I travel all over the country weekly. Is there time for fun, yes but again I closed the door on all close personal relationships and my focus is on experiences food/places to see. When a person stops caring about relationships, I do believe that person stops carrying about his/her self.

    Earlier this year, I was traveling to Reno, Nevada for business and knew I would have some down time to spare. Everyone has seen or heard about HBO Cathouse and quite frankly did not have a good impression on me but I thought here is an opportunity to get some experience with a lady so that when I do have the guts to ask someone out and “if” that person wants to go further I wouldn’t have been as embarrassed of knowing what to do.

    Now the hard part, actually driving to the Bunny Ranch – walking in the door and then actually going thru with the whole experience. I’m not sure what was even said in the business meeting that day as all I could think about will I or won’t I go – probably analyzed this everyway you can but my reflection took me back to in the house and alone during Covid 19. Do I really want that life when I step away from business? I went to the BunnyRanch that afternoon – it was a Thursday.

    I drove to the BunnyRanch, anxiety/nervousness/ashamed that it has come to this perhaps but do I need experience – at the time in my mind yes. So, I got the courage, rang the doorbell and a lady answered and said I was in luck that the tea party just got over. Now, I have to tell you my first thoughts of “we just got over with the tea party” was did my beloved HBO lie to me as to what goes on at the BunnyRanch… That thought was quickly erased when the lady at the front door said the “lineup” will be here momentarily. So now I’m lost – tea party – lineups oh boy did I make a mistake…. I again went back in my head do you want to live your life alone or do you need experience to help with correcting this issue. I swallowed hard and waited to see what in the world was a “lineup”. Well, not unlike baseball the ladies get in line introduce themselves and then (not like baseball) the front door lady says which lady would you like to spend your time with…. I have no idea but if I was to guess – my jaw hit the floor – I turned completely pale and I do know my thought was please “shoot me now” as it no longer was nervousness it was full on fear. Quite frankly at this moment a lady (now I know from the website Asia Foxxx) stated relax and don’t be nervous. That helped in so many ways, but now was time to choose – now looking around at all these beautiful women on the outside was tough but then I though who I am really most attracted too and at the end of the lineup was a woman draped in a green/blueish "wrap” – I’m sure there is an actual correct word for this piece of clothing but I’m not doing research on women’s clothing today…. At the time, this was purely a visual attraction – she has a complexion, smile, and a way she presents herself that really attracted me to her. So, the big moment has arrived the selection (now I have been standing here looking at the “lineup” for what seems like hours – again now in fear mode but trying to power thru it to achieve my goal of getting “experience” with a woman). So, I pointed to the lady and her response that seemed as loud that people in the Midwest heard it “Really”. At this moment I thought I could have crawled back into the hole I came from rolled over and died – this lady just rejected me… but in my state of utter fear perhaps she swallowed hard and said business is business she took my hand and we proceeded to the bar. This woman was Remy Martin.

    So, on we went to the Bar (I haven’t drunk alcohol in a very long time), bar tender asked what would I like to drink and I said Bud Light…. Think about it…. How “freaked out” am I right now….. Remy now began to talk to me; she was very professional and very kind through out the experience. I was 100% sure that she was swallowing hard to just do business in her mind as she left the room three times (for various items) extended period of times and coming back to say she was waiting for ladies to finish with the cashier prior to returning to the room. Not sure what that meant but I did at the time take it as she is professional and trying to be polite, In my mind even being extremely grossed out by me. While these statements don’t seem flattering, I state this because I want to make sure you know that Remy will always be polite and kind to you so don’t be afraid. (Let’s face it – I had a goal of getting experience and I did – so mission accomplished by all parties). At the end of the experience, I had a great conversation with Remy and Remy showed me some of the advertising she had done in her life and asked if I would write a review.

    The experience was over and I went back to my life. After a long couple of flights of thinking and sadly reflecting again…. I thought was this the right thing to do morale and my conclusion had to be decided at a latter time.

    The Nervous One
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    Great review. I was in your shoes my first time. I thought I was at the Bunny Ranch, but instead I was at the Love Ranch. I was very nervous too driving there and getting the nerve to walk inside. There was only one lady in the parlor before the lineup. She was petite and very beautiful. I chose her and we went to her room. She calmed me down and we had a great time. I had just gotten tired of being alone. She saved me.
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    I love reading your awesome review!!! Book your fabulous and memorable experiences with @RemyMartin today!!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

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