National Legalization of Prostitution

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  1. Dennis,

    Do you think that it will ever be a reality? I have hashed this out a number of times in various live ethics forums and just cannot understand why people don't see all of the benefits. Whether someone agrees with it or not is irrelevant. It is here and it happens in every city. Why not legalize it for safety, taxes, etc., etc. I'm preaching to the proverbial choir with you. Nonetheless, have you encountered any politicians that agree?
  2. i belive

    i strongly belive that prostution is not a bad thing. As long as both partys agree that giving money to enjoy them selves is a good thing then so be it. Go right on ahead and do it. The law doesnt like it because anything that makes us feel good and can have a price on it but yet they dont get a peice of the pie shouldnt be aloud. Luckly for us theres a place like The Bunny Ranch that pays the government so we can have fun!

    I bet they come in there and get there own bunny too! hehe

    Southern Comfort!!
  3. What in the world else is a sugar baby? The criminalization of prostitution is just moralistic residue from our country's puritan beginnings; you know, the same residue that brought you Billy Graham and sodomy laws. The whole thing is ridiculous, but for places like the Bunny Ranch it's brilliant, because it's the widespread unavailability of legal brothels that makes Nevada so special!

    I think eventually we'll wake up and decriminalize prostitution, because it's really for everyone's best interest to do so. But probably not for a long, long time.
  4. until then

    Until the day the just say fuck it and let it go Big Daddy will always make sure we are all so happy just knowing the Bunny ranch is there!
  5. Re: i belive

    I agree w/ you. Government doesn't agree w/ it in most states because it's hard to tax. So you're right...if they can't get a piece of the 'pie' no pun intended...they will fight tooth and nail to keep in from becoming legalized.

    What they don't realize is that they endanger lives that way, but what do we feeble citizens know about any of this stuff, right? lol
  6. I want national legalization.

    The problem with a group is they want the same thing without gov control and that will not happen.

    they want to operate out of residential properties, no health checks etc.


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