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  1. I apologize in advance if this is the wrong slot in this message board.

    Here are my inquiries.

    I realize that the prices cannot be discussed on line, I have to actually be over at the Bunny Ranch. Are you allowed at least tell that a price for a service is below (insert amount here)? Or you are not allowed to talk about anything price related?

    Are you by appointment only? (Yes, retarded question, but really, who am I kidding, I am a retard when it comes to these things)

    How come you have no girls 19,20,21 years old?

    How often and for what what are they tested STD wise?

    Do you always have to use a condom?

    Sorry if these sound stupid but I don't know anything about this business and am trying to find out as much as I can.

    thank you in advance
  2. We don't discuss ANY prices becuase all of our ladies are independent contractors and prices may vary.

    We have 25+ girls in our line-ups everyday so feel free to come in to meet them or if you want you can still make an appt.

    We do have a handful of ladies under the age of 22.

    We tested weekly for STD's, and monthly for HIV.

    We always use a condom, its the law.
  3. What is the best condom that you can recommend. I want one where it feels the least on me, like I am almost not wearing one.

    Oh and one more thing. Can you list sexual things that are absolutely never allowed at the ranch, like heavy making out or fondling or running fingers through hair etc

    P.S. Thank you for answering my other questions.
  4. Here at the ranch we have no "rules" everything is between you and your lady. We provide all the condom and supplies no need to worry.

    Our new VIVID brand ones have gotten excellent reviews! :wink:

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