My visit with my favorite bunny Audrey

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by kevinz0071, Mar 22, 2007.

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    First off a big hello to all the bunnies. I was a lot less nervous this time and met a whole lot of bunnies from the posting board and a couple that don't post all that much. Hello to Erin, Felicia, Bianca Rose, Olivia, Lexi and of course Audrey. What can I say about Audrey first off WOOOOW what an amazing lady. And guys I want it to be very clear here I mean the entire package not just looks. Audrey is a well I call her my mountain goddess but she is a smart, Funny, drop dead gorgeous lady but someone who makes us guys feel right at home and very comfortable with her. So I get there and she looks stunning in blue (my favorite color) and I get this huge hug from her. After a couple of drinks and the presentation of the Bunny Awards Audrey gave me a tour and showed me the renovations. A quick side note the Ranch looks great and I can't wait to see it when it is all the way done. We then went back to her room and I will tell you I said earlier that I was less nervous but butterflies were still there she Immediatly calmed me down though. She definitly knows how to set the mood. I won't disrespect her by going into details but she showed me the best time I have had in over 4 years. I was on cloud 20 with her you know how they say cloud 9 well we passed cloud 9 and were far above that. I hope that this lovely lady had as great a time as I did. Audrey I miss you already and can't wait to see you again. My hope is to party with Audrey for an entire 24 hour day. lol funny thought I could have a tshirt made that says "I survived the 24 hour Audrey experiance at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch" Course I would have to survive it first Audrey is incredible. Well to finish Audrey thank you for being a friend and for spending time with me. I am glad we had the oppurtunity to see each other again and I can't wait to see you again. Everyday I am motivated by remembering your smile and I think of you always until we meet again and my dreams can come true again. See you in December if not sooner. check your pms as well. Hope you guys like my report.
  2. Looks like you had a great time Audrey is quite striking in her pictures I am sure she is beautiful in person as well. Hope to meet her someday in person.
  3. Kevin

    Great report. I haven't spoken much to Audrey but when I visit in September, I do hope to meet up with her. She's been very sweet to me, in the times that we've PMed each other.
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    Hey Dean,

    I know who is it lexi is your favorite bunny right? Audrey is awesome though definitly even if you don't party with her at least say hello and buy her a drink she is very fun to talk to and as another poster put it isn't hard to look at at all very classy lady. I am just blown away by the whole bunny experiance. Well have fun and i am trying to figure out how to get back there asap so I can party with her again.
  5. Yes, Lexi is my favorite bunny by far. She and I are kinda obvious...or so I have been told. She's smart, great personality, very beautiful.. my poems on here, are about her... what a wonderful friend to have..
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    Audrey and i have the same thing going it is sooooo nice. I write her poems but i don't post them they are private. i have taken to writing short stories as well. It was kind of obvious to some of the bunnies that i like her a lot when i was out there in March. Hoping to see her before December i will try though
  7. Kevin

    Isn't it awesome ? Lexi posts my poems on her myspace blog. She truly brings out the best in me. Her beautiful eyes and her smile. I've never thought about short stories.. I try to treat Lexi very well and show her she has my full attention.

    As you know, someone recently passed away in my life. Lexi has been helping me through it by listening and giving me advice. I truly appreciate her friendship.

    Can you PM me with a short story about Audrey ? Maybe I can try to do the same for Lexi. I'm really good at expressing my feelings in words.


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