My Return to Paradise (Barbie,CoCo,Wendy,Shy,Anna M,Keely)

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  1. I made my second 3-day trip to the Bunny Ranch over the weekend. First off I want to thank Dennis and Suzette for their tremendous hospitality. Since I was there for an extended stay they arranged for me to stay in one of the beautiful suites out back. When I talked to Suzette she remembered exactly who I was from my last trip out there. Having only been there once before I considered that a great compliment.

    I was very fortunate that the airlines didn't interfere with my trip as it was very important for me to get to the ranch on time. I had an outdate planned with Barbie Bentley and our stays were only going to overlap for one day. I got to the ranch as planned and after getting situated in my room and cleaned up I went to look for Barbie. I found her in the lounge and was taken aback by her beauty. I'm not exactly sure how to describe her eyes, but they were like a sparkling light blue color and absolutely captivating... I couldn't believe it when she told me it was her natural color. We talked in her room for a little bit to decide how we'd spend our time together this evening and she tried on a few different outfits for me. I suggested one with a blue floral pattern because it went so well with her eyes. Afterwards we headed into the lounge for the weekly tea party. All the girls looked so pretty and Barbie had the most adorable hat. :) I brought several varieties of freshly baked cookies and they seemed to be a hit. After the tea party Barbie and I got together and had some fun before we went out to dinner. We got dressed up and took a drive to Lake Tahoe to find a place we could get some sushi. We went to a restaurant called 19 which is at Harveys, a resort in Tahoe. We got a seat by the window which had a beautiful view of the lake... plus my seat had a beautiful view of Barbie. :) There was a lot of haze from the fires over in California, but it didn't interfere with the beauty of the expansive Lake Tahoe. We shared a few dishes including a sashimi plate which was delicious. The tuna put up a fight and didn't want to stay on my chopsticks, but in the end it didn't stand a chance! After dinner we went back to the ranch and had.... ahh, you probably thought I was going to say dessert, didn't you? I could say that, but instead I'll say we went back to the ranch and had a lot more fun. Barbie is so beautiful and down to earth that while I don't particularly care for the term "girlfriend experience" it definitely felt like the kind of time you'd spend with a true girlfriend. Afterwards we spent more time relaxing in the hot tub talking and having some champagne. By the time we were finished it was time for Barbie to get ready to leave so I waited in the lounge until she was ready and we said our goodbyes.

    I spent some more time chilling in the lounge talking to people and saw Coco again. Coco is beautiful and knows exactly how to dress to show off her sexy body. If you happen to recall my last report, Coco was the first one I ever partied with and it was so great seeing her again. She remembered me of course and was surprised to see me since she knew last time I wasn't planning to come back out until next year. We relaxed and talked in the lounge for a few hours. I asked Coco if she was interested in going back to her room to discuss partying. Coco is so nice and of course things went well. We headed back to my suite and had a great time together again. I already knew that Coco loves spending time in the hot tub so we did just that... giving us lots of time to talk and catch up. It was very cool out that night so the hot tub felt great. It was pretty late when we got out. We said goodnight and I slept very well that night. :)

    The next afternoon (I pretty much sleep through the morning) I hung out in the lounge again. I love just being able to hang out there and talk to the ladies. They're all so unique and interesting and I definitely recommend getting to know them. I got to talking to Wendy. The previous night when I met Barbie she had introduced me to Wendy and highly recommended her. I knew right then I wanted to get to know her. Wendy doesn't put any pictures up and isn't at the ranch too often. She's definitely one of the specials, and I'm so glad she was there during my trip. She's such a fun, beautiful, young, and energetic person that we hit it off quickly. She's always exercising and spending time outdoors and has a phenomenal physique. After getting to know her (and her dog) I asked if she wanted to go talk about partying. We headed back to my suite and had a lot of fun. We tried a few different positions that I hadn't tried before and I had a great time with her. She's definitely someone I'd love to party with again if I'm lucky enough for her to be around on my next trip.

    Afterwards I hung out in the lounge again and started talking to Shy Love. I had seen her briefly during my last trip to the ranch but hadn't gotten a chance to talk to her. If you've ever seen her pics you'll know that Shy is so incredibly beautiful. She has endless energy and you can frequently find her spinning on the pole in the parlor. I didn't know she was going to be there during my trip so I was excited when I saw she was there. We spent so much time talking about things especially television since we share such similar tastes in movies and tv. She's so much fun to talk to and such a nice person. I told her that once it got late we could party and spend time in the hot tub. I sure spent a lot of time in the hot tub, didn't I? Well, there was a tub right outside the suite and it was so relaxing and the multi-colored hot tub lights were so pretty that it was just a perfect way to round out any party. Anyway once it got late we did just that. Shy was great and definitely knows how to use her body. After our party we chilled in the hot tub together and talked. I don't always have the best luck with hot tubs apparently and almost tripped getting in. Have to remember to use the stairs instead of stepping right into the deep end! :)

    The next afternoon I got to talking to Anna Mills. She's such a friendly person to talk to. We talked about all sorts of things including her appearance on the Tyra Banks show and some people she knows from the adult film industry. She brought out a book "An R-rated look at at X-rated industry" with pictures by this famous photographer Michael Grecco. I found it odd that I recognized more of the male talent featured in the book, but Anna reminded me that there are much fewer men in the adult industry. :) After we talked for a bit we went back to her room to check out some of her scenes from a couple of adult films she was in. I realized while watching one of them that I was pretty sure I had seen it before and just not known it was her at the time. One of the things about Anna that impresses me is her versatility. She can be dominant...she can be sweet... and I'm sure anything in between. :) It's all about what you're into. I suggested a party and we soon headed out to my suite. I specifically remember she was wearing this beautiful blue dress and when she took it off she revealed her amazing body. We started off with a vibrator and let's just say I found a way to set it past "high". :) She was very sensual in her party and is very talented in stimulating you in several ways at once. Afterwards we hung out in the hot tub for a bit before heading back inside for one last romp. I put some oral skills to use and... well, by the end of the party Anna informed me that I had inadvertently performed a fetish technique called "forced orgasms". She didn't have any complaints, though. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon! :)

    After our party I met up with Dennis who had earlier invited me to have dinner with him which I feel is an honor. Dennis, Logan, Anna, Suzette and I had a delicious dinner outside along with a radio DJ that was there visiting Dennis. It was great fun getting to hang out with them all and to get to listen to some of Dennis's stories.

    I continued talking with Anna Mills through the evening and she suggested the idea of a hot tub party with some of the women that I'd gotten a chance to talk to but not party with. I thought it was a great idea! It was difficult to select just a few of them... I would have picked all of them if I could! Around midnight we ended up with a hot tub party with Anna Mills, Alexis Fire, Bailey Monroe, Logan, Shy Love, and Anna Suvari, and me. It was crazy fun and we all made more noise than we should have that late at night. :) Particularly memorable were the sexual innuendos Bailey and I traded back and forth. She and I have similar backgrounds so we were making all sorts of references that were just hilarious to me. The others were probably looking at us like we were nuts. :)

    I stayed up all night since it was my last day and I was in no hurry for it to end. I stayed up with Coco until it was time for her to go to bed. Before heading off to bed I got my goodbye hug since she knew I'd be gone before she was up. I finally got to meet Keely who is someone I really wanted to meet this trip but hadn't seen yet. Keely is shy at first, but once you get to talking she opens up quickly and is so much fun to talk to. She's so sweet and so cute that she makes you just want to melt. Even if we hadn't been talking I could have just stared at her pretty face and beautiful smile for hours. Does that sound creepy? I can't tell... fortunately it didn't come to that since we had so much to talk about. :) As it got later I asked if she wanted to go to her room to talk about partying. We worked out the plan for a party and had a fantastic time. Afterwards we cuddled in the hot tub for a bit. By this point it was already early morning, but fortunately still cool enough outside that the hot tub felt good. After we got out of the hot tub we hung out in the lounge for a few hours. It was still pretty early and we just sat in a quiet corner talking and laughing throughout the morning.

    My time to depart was approaching ever so quickly. Wendy was one of the first people that came out and she, Keely, and I talked for a little while. I also ran into Anna Mills again and a few of us hung out near the kitchen talking and joking until I had to leave. ("Your lips are all orange... you look like you just sucked off Tony the Tiger!" "It's GRRRREAT!") I got some final goodbye hugs from Wendy and Anna and reluctantly left. While I was staying at the ranch the past few days almost felt like an entire blissful lifetime, but as I put my bags into the car it all felt over way too soon. As I departed the ranch and drove to the airport my consolation was that I knew this wouldn't be my last trip to the ranch. Someday soon I would return again to paradise.

    (Continued in My Escape to Paradise)

    Here's a picture of our hot tub party. Bailey was kind enough to take the picture and I'm behind all these beautiful women (those are my hands off to the side). :)
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    It was an absolute joy having you around the house for an extended stay. I love surprises so seeing you so soon was a very exciting one! I am so glad you had another great trip to BunnyLand and I know everyone enjoyed having you around. You know the way to a bunnies heart.....great cookies to make us all happy...LOL! And of course our party while completely unexpected was the highlight of my week. I had another fun time with you and I can't wait until the next time you get to come play with us....Kisses!!! xoxo...CoCo
  3. Bravo! I wonder if this qualifies for most uses of the hot tub? Sounds like you had quite a time.

    That really makes me want to come back soon.
  4. I still want to try our little forced oragasm experiment with another girl...coco maybe? *winks*
  5. That would be so fun... CoCo, you think you can handle it? :twisted:
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    Absolutely Sweetie! Anna is a hottie...and technically my neighbor right now. Maybe we should get some practice sessions in before you get here!!! Kisses.....
  7. Hey hon, thanks so much for the great review! I had a great time hanging out with you at the lake, in the Jacuzzi and of course in the more intimate places :) Although i only got to see you for one of your days at the ranch, i am glad we made the best of every moment! I am also happy to hear that you were well taken care of by some of the other fabulous ladies for the rest of your stay :)

    I miss you all ready sweetie!!!! Cant wait till your third big trip to paradise!
  8. You definitely deserve it. You're just so beautiful both inside and out and your amazing personality made all of our time just flow so naturally and comfortably. I can also see why you recommended Wendy since you two seem like kindred spirits. The way you two talk is similar sometimes so she'd say something and it sounded just like you. :)
  9. You Are So Sweet! We All Enjoyed Having You Here! And The Tony The Tiger Thing Was Too Funny!

  10. Keely, I'm so glad you were there during my trip and that I got to meet you. You definitely should hang out in the lounge more often even if it requires hooking up a console to one of the televisions out there permanently. :)
  11. I haven't had the good fortune to meet Barbie, but I couldn't agree more about Wendy! She IS special, and I so look forward to seeing her again (soon!).
  13. we miss u!
  14. I think about the ranch virtually every day... so looking forward to my next visit. Making a mental list of ideas and things to try out. :) I hope you're there the next time I visit, too. Not sure when it will be yet... but the sooner the better!
  15. We can all gather our lists to make an even bigger better list.. Better be well rested for your next visit sweetie ;)
  16. Barbie I have some ideas with me you our special guy and some rope:)What do you think?
  17. I have to admit I am a little jealous that you might get to see Anna with Alana while Alana is pregnant! I am afraid I wont get to see them until after the baby is born due to work.
  18. Alana will be there afterwards, too (though who can say how soon after), so you can still party with her. Anna and Alana are both so hot so it'll be a ton of fun. One more week... I can't wait!!
  19. OMG how did this post become about me and alana? haha! I really am blushing!

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