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Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by Spartan Fan, Aug 26, 2008.

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    During my first trip the Bunny Ranch, I had a party on Saturday and one on Sunday (Aug. 16 and 17). I then did my work thing in the Reno area during the week, and had my last party lined up for Friday (Aug. 22) before flying home Saturday.

    I finished work early on Thursday and took a drive around Lake Tahoe. I had never been there and couldn't believe the water clarity and the breath taking color of the water. It was the most beautiful shade of blue I had ever seen. That is until I met CoCo the next day and saw her eyes. I am not sure that any of the great writers and poets could do justice to trying to describe CoCo's eyes. I wil not try as it would be impossible, but they did melt my heart when I saw them.

    CoCo is a petite, stunning, warm and down to earth young woman with whom I felt a connection right away. I just wanted to hug her the moment I saw her (and did).

    I have always had an attraction to southern women. They seem to have a way of catering to and pampering a man. CoCo is no exception to that perception I have. I think it is passed down from mother to daughter in the south. It may be in the drinking water, don't know for sure how the trait is passed on, but it does seem to exist.

    My party with CoCo, for me, was intense and passionate, but also gentle and tender. She seemed to anticipate what would please me and then did. It was an experience that I will treasure forever and will make me smile whenever I think about it.

    After our party, CoCo hung out with me in the parlor, ate with me in the Bunny Ranch kitchen and we had some really nice conversation. It may seem odd to say, but just hugging and talking in the hot tub at the end of our party and then hanging out wth CoCo for quite a while after our party was just as enjoyable as the "party" part of the party.

    I spent the night at the ranch and went to bed about 2 am. Before I went to bed, CoCo told me to have them call her the next morning (about 8 am) so she could say goodbye to me before I left for the airport to fly home. Even though CoCo stayed up until about 4 am, she got up the next morning and had a bowl of cereal with me before I left. That meant so much to me that she would do that. It was a perfect ending to a perfect trip for me.

    I thought leaving would be difficult and a little sad, but it was not. With visions and memories of CoCo in my head it is impossible to be sad. Thanks for that, CoCo.

    Gentlemen, do yourself a favor and book a party with CoCo on your next trip to the Bunny Ranch. You simply owe it to yourself to experience CoCo.

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    It was definitely a memorable experience for me as well. You were so good in your gift selection and I now have a kitchen so I can use the cookbook that you gave me!!! You are such a great guy and made that night so much the point where I didn't think about anything else going on. I thank you for that! Even though it was a late night for both of us, I didn't mind a bit spending breakfast with you before you left. I hope you will be coming back to the BR soon! We all enjoyed your company.....

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