My night with Brittany Angel

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  1. I knew when I met Brittany Angel last August that I wanted to see her again as soon as I could arrange it. I found that I could arrange a free weekend at the beginning of December and flew off to Nevada to see her.

    I booked my flight and a hotel in Carson City, and made arrangements for a hotel at Lake Tahoe. I had made plans for Brittany and me to go to dinner and to stay up there at one of the resorts. As I departed for Reno it was hit with an early season snow storm, Lake Tahoe got about two feet of snow, and I arrived in Reno between snow storms. I was a bit worried as to whether my plans would work out. I called the ranch when I reached my hotel to let Brittany know that I had arrived. It continued to snow that evening and I was constantly checking road conditions and weather reports to see how the weather would be for the next night and my date with Brittany.

    I was picked up by the ranch’s car about an hour before my scheduled time with Brittany. The ranch had asked me if I could come out early due to scheduling with their drivers. I was more than happy to accommodate their request as they were doing me a huge favor by picking me up. I met up with Norm, one of the ranch drivers whom I had met on my previous visit, and we had a pleasant chat once again on the trip out. Dennis Hof was just leaving when I arrived and came over to the car to greet me. I had the chance to chat with him briefly and he welcomed me back to the ranch. I went in to the ranch and had a seat at the bar. Brittany came out to greet me. I had caught her on the hop and she was still getting ready. Brittany was dressed in a bathrobe, but was gorgeous. She greeted me with a hug and a kiss and I was very happy to see her again. We went back to her room to work out the details and then to the office to book the date. Madam Suzette waited on us and we had a chance to chat while Brittany went back to her room to finish getting ready. I had sent Brittany a long black evening dress to wear to dinner and hopefully to a club as well. Brittany reappeared and was absolutely stunning as always. Unfortunately, road conditions up to Lake Tahoe were too dangerous so we decided to forgo the trip up to Lake Tahoe and to stay in Carson City. I had made reservations at Glenn Eagles restaurant based on recommendations from board members Georoc01 and Lilly Ann (Thank you to both of you for your excellent recommendation.) (Also, thank you to Pogus for your very helpful advice.)

    It was freezing cold when we stepped out the front door. Remembering my manners I wrapped my overcoat around Brittany’s shoulders and took her suitcase as we headed to the car. We arrived at the restaurant and went in and were shown to a corner booth by the fireplace. Fortunately Brittany had turned 21 a few weeks earlier, so we were able to order champagne in celebration of the evening. Brittany is a very beautiful young lady. She has the most intense blue eyes and a very sweet smile. Even more impressive is her warm, friendly personality. Brittany goes out of her way to make you feel very special when you are with her. We ordered our food and had an excellent dinner. I was captivated by Brittany throughout the whole meal. We chatted the whole time. I’m usually quite tongue tied, but Brittany was so sweet and kind and she made me feel so comfortable with her that I wasn’t the least bit nervous. I didn’t even realize that we had been there for two hours. We finished dinner and headed to my hotel in Carson City for the evening.

    Unfortunately the hotel where I was staying didn’t have room service or a lot of the amenities that the hotel at Lake Tahoe had, but it was still a nice room. In the early hours of the morning we were ready to go to sleep. Brittany was in my arms as we both drifted off to sleep.

    Morning came early and the scheduled time for Brittany to return to the ranch was approaching fast. We had just enough time to go down to the coffee shop to have breakfast and to continue our conversation from the previous evening before she was picked up by the ranch’s car. We went back to the room to say our goodbyes before I walked Brittany out to the car. A final hug and kiss goodbye and Brittany climbed into the ranch’s car and was driven away.

    In the end, the hiccups in my plans didn’t matter. It wasn’t the location, or the little extras that we had planned that didn’t pan out, it was the opportunity to spend time with this very special young lady that mattered. Brittany is a very beautiful young lady, but it is the warmth of her personality that makes time with her so special. Thank you Brittany for a wonderful evening that I will always remember fondly.

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