My Happy Night with Anna Suvari

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by Michael53, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. I traveled a long distance to meet Anna and I wasn't disappointed!
    I'm already in my fifties but Anna made me feel like a young man. She greeted me with a big beautiful smile, which became the theme for the evening. We started off outside in the hot tub, feeling each others bodies and gazing at the stars. The truth is that I probably would have been content just staying out there with her all night. After a while, we went to the room where Anna indulged me in a fantasy of mine. It seemed like Anna let me in, not just physically but also emotionally. Maybe it was just me but I felt like we shared some "real" moments together. It also wasn't just my bodily fluids that flowed that night! Afterwards, we sat together in the parlor and she introduced me to some of the other girls. They were all very nice and, by the way, Dennis was very friendly too. He bought us drinks when I first arrived. I left with a big smile on my face, which returns every time I think of Anna!
  2. Good to hear it, I'm road tripping to Vegas in December and was thinking about heading a little out of my way and into the BR once I got down there. It's looking more and more like Anna is the girl I'm gonna want to meet up with, and besides, that smile is breathtaking :wink:
  3. the BR is an 8 hour drive or a 1 hour plane ride from LV
  4. Oh I know, but that's fine by me, I like driving... Even though I'm only 20 (21 on friday YAY!) I've already logged some long trips (mostly ghost hunting expeditions, I'm kinda the adventurous sort you see..), the longest being from Washington State over in the Florida then up to Illinois before hitting Montana and then back into Washington. That was a hell of a trip, I was glad my cousin and his wife were able to come along, you'd go outta your mind otherwise... We were out of the state for nearly a month before we got back in.
  5. Michael,

    Thank you so much for posting such a glowing response! You're right, we definitely shared some "real" moments together. I love the chemistry that can happen in an hour together. As I said to you that night, it's nice to be able to have an intense, intimate, emotionally charged experience, and not have to have it be a part of something larger. Certainly it could be, if you could make the LONG trip again, but it's nice as it is, it was enough. You know?

    Once again, thank you, I'm glad that you had a great time that night.
  6. Reaper,

    I'm flattered that you thought of me! Unfortunately I'm taking December off, so... could you make it January? :) I'd love to meet a fellow Washingtonian!

    I hope it works out for us to meet, but if not I know you've got lots of great options.
  7. Well December is really just a general time frame, I just found out I have a friend flying in to LA from Japan for Christmas to visit family there so I decided to visit them on the 27th through the New Year so it looks like I wont be heading over into Nevada until after that, so we still might be able to meet up anyways. Here's hoping, Cheers.
  8. Yes, here's hoping! I should be there soon after New Years.
  9. Hi Anna,

    I do know. Sometimes a brief encounter like that can be gratifying and invigorating! Do you experience that often?
    It could be part of something larger? :eek: What do you mean by that? :lol:
    I may have to make the LONG trip again!

  10. I think Anna is from Washington state if I remember correctly. Somewhere in the Pac Northwest, anyway. The only thing I can say is she is worth going whatever distance you have to go, even if you have to walk on your hands!!!

    Happy birthday by the way....
  11. Thanks! Course I got my own birthday wrong lol, it's not friday, its monday. :roll: But whatever, what's 3 days anyways? 8)
  12. Super sexy review!

    Wow, Anna you look like quite a package! Love that myspace site as well. Hope to meet you in person someday :wink: [smilie=hot over you.gif]
  13. Every party is different, but there is something to be enjoyed in each. Well, what I meant was... if you had it in you to fly halfway around the globe again you would be fun to have as a regular. I had a good time with you.
  14. Re: Super sexy review!

    Hope to meet you too, Funtimes, I be we could have some, er, fun times... :lol:

    Glad you liked my MySpace!
  15. Would being a "regular" entitle me to any special privileges? The thought excites me! :D
  16. Hmmm... You'd better ask me that one in private. ;)
  17. What it means?
  18. Come again???
  19. Why, thanks, Anna, I believe I will!

    Uh, seriously, folks ... I think Michael was trying to say that Anna brought tears to his eyes ... (in a good way, of course) which I would thoroughly understand!
  20. There are so many positive ranch reports about Anna Suvari, she must be good in what she does. :wink:
  21. Well I hope if I'm bringing anybody tears it's in a good way. :?

    Thank you all for the compliments, I like to think I'm good at what I do! :lol:
  22. A bump for my favorite bunny!
  23. I think you're due for another trans-Atlantic flight, Michael! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    I'd love to share some "real" moments with Anna! :D

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