My girlfriend and I visited the ranch recently...

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  1. My girlfriend (we'll call her "Jazzy") and I had taked about going to the ranch for months before taking a roadtrip out to Reno, Nevada. We went to a few stripclubs and even met Mary Carey during her feature dance show in Sacramento the year before.

    We drove out from San Jose and secured a room at a casino/hotel for the night. We gambled and talked about the ranch visit we planned to do. I called the ranch and arranged for a $55 executive car service later that evening from the casino/hotel.

    We walked in the door of the ranch and had a 12 girl line-up on a Saturday nite. My girl looked down the line and came back to the 1st girl, lucky us, it was Audrey!

    Audrey took us for a facility tour and we went to her room and negotiated a fair rate. We had a drink at the Cat House bar and then retired to Audreys room for the party. Jazzy excused herself and went to the restroom, I took the opportunity to explain to Audrey that it was the 1st time my girl would ever be with a girl. The girls undressed each other in front of me on a fur rug with the sexy music playing and candles/dim lights making this look VERY sexy!

    Audrey took charge and kissed Jazzy from her neck down to the belly button while she lay back on the huge soft bed. I watched from behind Audrey, enjoying the view of Audrey's fine rear and my girls legs spread wide with Audreys head between her thigh's. Audery used a piece of thin plastic (dental dam) but, Jazzy said it felt great! A vibrator was introduced on her clit and the moans from my girl got frequent and so damn sexy...

    Jazzy begged for my cock and I moved around the bed. She dropped her head off the side of the bed and deepthroated me while, Audrey didn't stop for a second. After a few minutes of this increadable sight, I removed my cock and shot a HUGE load all over my girls chest. Audrey looked up for a second and commented how sexy that was and then brought my girl to an awesome orgasm.

    We cleaned up, caught up our breath and went out to the lounge for a drink and talk about our adventure. Audrey was nice enough to take a couple pictures with us and Dennis even posed for a picture too.

    We spoke to a couple other ladies about future visits and left a short while!

    It was a fantasy cum true! I recommend this adventure to any/all couples that are considering a 3-some for the 1st time. No strings attached, quality ladies to choose from, memories for years afterward! I also recount this event to others on Playboy Radio SIRIUS 198 when couples are thinking about "taking the plunge".

    Thanx again Dennis and Audrey, we'll be back!
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    SOUNDS like u had an awesome time ;)
  3. Re: ..Girlfriend taken to the ranch...

    It really was alot of fun and my girl talks about it often as being wonderful for her too. I would love to answer any questions you might have about visiting a legal brothel.
  4. I would LOVE to experience this with my husband! Can you tell me how much it cost for a night like that? I have no idea and I am so afraid to get there and feel like an idiot for not having enough money or insulting a girl with not having enough. I love your story. thanks for sharing.
  5. New2this, the ladies won't discuss prices except in person. I would suggest that you use the search function right underneath the online store at the top of the page, and use "couples" you will get a lot of good information for you and your hubby too.

    Best of luck

  6. Hi There AceOClubs,
    Yes Audrey is awful special isn't she?? I'm sure that she was simply fantastic in a threesome couple activity. My only experience with her is one on one. What chance would you have for your girlfriend to be O.K. with a one on one between you and Audrey?? She is AWFULLY EXCELLENT in that department, FOR SURE. So warm and soft, and just really sexy and sultry!! She really gets into her parties, that's for sure. She is definitely on my A-List!!

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