My first time was great Thx Bunny Love

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  1. Well were do I start? Arrived in Reno after a long hard flight from Atlanta and then Vegas and let me tell you ATL airports is the worst one to try and fly out of. Anyway after I finally get to Reno I am about exhausted and I think Bunny could see it in my eyes but I was still very excited yet so nervous I could hardly talk. I walk in and the Madam answers the door and ask me if I would like a line up. At first I am like no I just want to go to the bar and she persisted and said that i would enjoy the line up first so I was to tired to argue so I said OK. She rings the bell and here they come. I am so nervous I am shaking that was the most intense thing I have ever done. It is like picking a winner in the Miss USA pageant. Then I see her she was wearing a nice red short dress or might have been more pink but i was blind from going to light to dark. I politely turn and say Bunny please. Now I am sweating bullets and I do not know why but it was almost like the very first time you have sex your all tensed up and then it happens lol. So we go to the bar and I buy us some drinks and now I am starting to calm a bit. We sit and talk for a few minutes then she looks at me says lets go with that sexy but innocent look. man those eyes could melt any man I think. We look around and go back to her room she sits me on the bed and we do the negations it did not go as well as I had hoped in the Begining but I was happy at the end LOL. Bunny is a awesome lady and I hope I can party with her again soon she was super nice and very gorgeous. All the ladies there were great I got to meet Dennis and Suzette they were all awesome the experience was definitely worth repeating and I hope to do it soon.
  2. Nice story!

    Nice story... I am curious, if you don't mind - what are their price ranges?
  3. Re: Nice story!

    prices can't be discussed online or on the phone... sorry.
  4. you have to look at like this if you are building a race car speed is money how fast do you want to go. In this sense fun is money how much do you want to have? :D
  5. very well put !
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    I agree with dean well put
  7. Thank you so much for your report. It's nice to see how everyone's visit was . You picked such a HOTT girl, Bunny Love is so gorgeous! You will always remember that day at the ranch with Bunny and it was well worth it. Take care...

  8. hmm, Bunny seems like a good choice, eh?

    Bunny love seems to be a great choice. I've seen her on cathouse, but never knew who she was until I came here.

    I hope to party with you, Bunny.
  9. I love Bunny! I am glad you had a great time with her!
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    Glad you had a good time with Bunny Love
  11. That's a great story. Still working up the courage to go myself and I KNOW my 1st experience is going to be the same reaction to everything as yours. Thanks for sharing. :)

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