My First 3Some with who else? Jenny & Lexi

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by Michael, May 2, 2007.

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    Let me say this, going to the Super Bowl is a dream but starting the evening off in a hot tub butt naked with 2 of the most beautiful, naked women on this planet is a helluva lot better than ever going to the Super Bowl.

    These ladies are professors of the art of building up the anticipation. They were incredible teasers during the onset but giving this appetite some incredible appetizers in preparation for what would be the finest full course meal Wolfgang Puck couldn't think of. Not much that I want to reveal in the specifics but the anticipation exceeded my expectations.

    After we settled down from the appetizer, it ws time to move on to our full course meal. Lexi used a spectacular device on Jenny that stirred up enough excitement in me that made me think I actually won the lottery. The three of us did lots of things a lot. It was as if the bedroom was a restaurant and I was their personal chef and waiter. Whatever they wanted I was glad to give them both internally and externally in fulfilling their beautiful sexual appetites. Like any good business, it was a full service operation that more than meets your expectations.

    I've been a repeat customer and will continue this process for it's a very passionate art I love being a part of.

    Thank you ladies, I've got much love for the both of you. The both of you are incredible for so many reasons that I'll just have to write a series of books to tell the world about it.

    See you ladies soon. Thanks for some of the greatest memories I'll ever have.

    More reports 2 Cum soon.
  2. excellent report Michael.... Lexi and Jenny would be a dream come true for me.

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