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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. Yesterday was my birthday, October 14th, Here's how it went.

    I got a call saying channel 2 wanted to do an interview with, so I agreed to meet with them at 2 pm. I put the top down on my New SL55 Mercedes drop top and went to check out some work they guys did this week on my house in Lake Tahoe, it was a perfect day. I got a hair cut, then a manicure then headed to get a black sport coat for my TV interview.

    I was so surprised when I walked into my restaurant Dick's Roadhouse/NV50 to find a huge surprise party Madam suzette had thrown for me, it was very cool, lot's of friends, tons of Bunny Butt, OMG they looked hot, it was a great party. I have to admit I got very emotional seeing some of the pics of my very close friends and all the Celebes & Bunny's.

    The food by chef Ken was so good and best of all a retro slide show of the last 14 years at the BunnyRnach. The show reminded of what a fun ride the ranch has been and all the very cool people I have met. Suzette knows I don't like people to spend a lot of money on me; truth is if I wanted something I would already own it. The present theme was office supplies, I can't believe all the cool stuff they got me that I would never buy, as I can't remember ever being in an office supply place, thanks or all the goodies guys.

    Last night I was invited to the WWE match in Reno, they got out the Bunny Limo and I took Brooke Taylor, Audrey and the hot chocolate Bunny Kitten, man did they look hot, we rolled into WWE, headed toward ringside to lots of people stopping me and the Bunny's wanting pictures, the head to WWE security saw what was going on and came over to do an intro, he is a fan of HBO Cathouse show and asked us to come backstage and meet all the guys and girls in the show, John Cena, Triple HHH, Edge etc. everyone was so cool, I never thought about the WWE boys being fans of the show.

    Back to the BunnyRanch for some special B Day fun that I can't talk about, but man was it HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!!!

    I always say every day at the Bunnyranch is like my Birthday and every night is like Halloween, I love my life, I love my friends and I love all the Bunnyranch.

    We will have a huge blowout party soon for my birthday as soon as I can get a date that works for me and Johnny Buss from the Lakers.
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    Happy B-Day big D!!! I hope all your wishes came true. I would say, however,ever day is Oct. 14 when at the BunnyRanch :wink:
  3. :D Happy Birthday, Dennis :D
  4. Very cool - gotta love the surprise events :)
  5. Happy B'day big guy!!! Sounds like you had a day we can envy. Good for you.
  6. Thanks and your so right!
  7. I like surprises.

    I am waiting to be surprised with triplets.
  8. I like surprises.

    I am waiting to be surprised with triplets.
  9. Great day Dennis. I was wondering if any of the WWE Divas asked to cum and work for you? Like say Lita, or Mickie James?? Just wondering :lol: 8)
  10. Happy B-day again!
    Sorry its late!
  11. Happy belated birthday
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    Happy Birthday, D. What an incredible time for you. You live the life. 14 years of unimaginable happiness that can't be measured and only continues.
  13. Happy B'Day

    I know I am looking forward to mine next weekend. Looking forward to spending part of it up at the MLBR!
  14. Belated Happy Birthday Dennis

    Man looks like you had a rockin' Oct. 14th.

    So did you go to WWE with Big Dave... Dennis?

    Also I am still bummed I couldn't make it to the filiming on Cathouse this past January after you personally invited me to go when we saw each other again at AEE in Vegas the first week of January.

    Well enjoy your continuation of your birthday festivities and I guess
    I will have to call you and maybe ... cash in that Cathouse raincheck
    and drop by for the forthcoming birthday bash- probably in November.

    Take Care.
    Ken... Your friendly neighborhood travel agency owner
  15. No surprise that you had a hot time on your birthday Big D! XXXOOO

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