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  1. I just thought I would put more pics of me up so everyone could see who wants to be a new bunny soon. Hope they are liked by all.

  2. I will be putting better, much hotter, less clothed photos of me up soon.
  3. nice!

    I'm really into girls with piercings got kinda a freaky it. keep it real and if you get to be a bunny I will be your first customer :)
  4. Well baby, keep in touch and I will let you know when I am there...then come see me!
  5. course

    already on it
  6. Okay lets see 'em 8)
  7. Patience patience patience. My camera cord and usb adapter broke and I am waiting for a replacement from was just sent yesterday. Besides, good things come to those who wait :wink:
  8. These pictures aren't too bad
  9. Hey sexy. You got that Gretchen Wilson bad girl, kick yer ass in bed look.
    :twisted: 8) :wink:
  10. Well, since I don't care what you think of me or my looks, it means nothing! How low you must feel about you to TRY to insult me.
  11. That last comment was left fornthe idiot who thought he would hurt me by lying and saying I was ugly......WHATEVER!!! Thanks for the Gretchen Wilson comment, SHE'S HOT!!!!!! [smilie=kiss of love.gif]
  12. kevinz0071
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    kevinz0071 Well-Known Member

    Hey Nova don't worry about the ignorant people out there they will be warned then kicked off the board in due time Great pictures I do see that Gretchen Wilson thing going hot Hot Hot
  13. Hi Nova,

    Don't worry what anyone else says if you would like to be a Bunny go for it I could comment over this thread but what I would like to say would get me banned. :lol:
    But as for the person who is saying all these comments one day someone will report you.
  14. Looking at the pictures again I too agree you have that look. keep those pictures coming.
  15. kevinz0071
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    kevinz0071 Well-Known Member

    Obviously you are gettin so much that you have to go to the ranch as well and get denied so look who's talkin
  16. Do me a favour man dont use big words that you cant understand I may have a but if that is you who is also on my site drop the messages and contact me direct or dont you have the balls to do that homie. i'll tell you one other thing if I get banned from this site I will go down in style.
  17. kevinz0071
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    kevinz0071 Well-Known Member

    So you just makin up stories then huh you ain't never been there yet you hatin on everyone that makes sense whatever
  18. Sometimes the truth is not the truth SON
  19. TN_MAN
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    TN_MAN Well-Known Member

    Sexy Nova...I find your pictures to be very nice!!! Just keep on sending emails or better yet place a call to The Ranch. You would make for a great Bunny. As a man I would feel honored to be caught in your company!!! Bluntman doesn't speak for me or most are hot,SexyNova!!!
  20. SON??????????? are you that ignorant that you can't see i am a girl???????? anyway, there is a difference between being critical and being a complete moron...what's the matter????? some white girl laugh at how little your dick is??????? or did your boyfriend not give it to you hard enough??????? I suggest you waste someone else's's not your opinion of me that matters, it's my opinion of me...little people like you are the ones i wipe my shoes on have nothing better to do than try and beat someone else down because you are insecure about yourself...well, guess what, you can't beat me down unless i LET YOU...AND THAT AIN'T HAPPENING!!! I am better than that!
  21. All i'm waiting on is a phone call from Dennis or Suzette, or whomever places those calls...once I get that call, my life will take a turn into far as little minded people like bluntman, all i can say is, he can only hurt me if i allow him too, which i don't...i just sit here, laughing at his ignorant comments...i am not so dumb that i do not know that there are men out there who will not find me attractive...that would be the reason Dennis and other brothels hire girls from all walks of life/looks/race/etc...and as i said to him before, there is a HUGE difference in being critical and being a plain out asshole.

    Thanks for all the support guys, look forward to sending more pics to the site and, hopefully, being a new bunny someday.
  22. People like that are just compensating for something they have insecurity about...anyway...everyone have a great night and, once again, thanks for all the support...
  23. Hey SexyNova

    After all the rubbish going on I still hope you get in.

    Shane (spazz1966)
  24. Oh man am i trying. I hope i get in soon somewhere...i need to start working like yesterday. Thanks man. Maybe we will meet someday. Who knows?
  25. Hey Chica! I just wanted to wish you luck! I did finally get my call but won't be going until late Feb.. You will get yours too, just be patient! And first and foremost, pay no mind to those who don't have one to start with!
  26. Thanks girl. Congrats on getting your call. I suppose it will happen when it is supposed to. Good luck as a bunny. From what i've seen, you will have lots of fans and makes lots of money. Maybe we'll meet someday. I gotta be the first one to admit, when it comes to patience, it's not my greatest virtue. Have a great New Year and hope things go great for you. I know they will.
  27. kevinz0071
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    kevinz0071 Well-Known Member

    I just had to say that was awesome Neva Kick some ass girl lol

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