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    Does Mickee do anal?
    Yes, but here's my view on it...
    A very special specialty that I want to expierence.
    Nothing like taking it slow and taking our time. Pain is not fun...
    All in good faith. We might need to already have partied before so I can trust you with this special party!
    Let us get some preparation in so we enjoy every moment. Don't rush, this is our moment.

    I very much like anal, when done properly. Just because you've done it before doesnt mean you know the safety it involves. Theres serious damage that could occur so let's take our time, prepare, and trust one another :)

    I find this to be a very special type of specialty, so this is only included in my overnight/12 hour + parties. Time is important. Plus I want to do more than just anal ;)

    Any more questions?
    Email:[email protected]
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    Hot girl !![smilie=hot over you.gif]

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