Message for Dennis re: his Marilyn Monroe Story

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  1. I just watched the "Pimpmaster General" episode. When Dennis related how he met Marilyn Monroe and she she touched his arm/shoulder and he got an erection it reminded me of a similar experience I wanted to share.
    I was never lucky enough to see Marilyn in person, but here's my story: It was the summer of 1959 and my mother was taking my sister and me to see Disney's "Shaggy Dog" at the Brighton Movie Theater in Chicago. I was just shy of 7 and my sister was 4. As our bus got close to the theater my mother looked out the window and saw a huge line of moms and kids waiting to buy tickets. She said "Kids, I think we're going to see another movie". We stayed on the Archer Avenue bus until it turned up State Street and took us into downtown Chicago. We got off and went to see "Some Like it Hot". When Marilyn was singing while wearing that see-through dress, I got the first erection that I could identify with an external sitmulus. I didn't even know what sex was, but I guess my hard wiring kicked in. That experience defined the ideal woman for me for years to come. Love the show, love the ladies, hope to visit some day!
  2. marlyn monroe , is my 4th or 5th cousin on my dads side.And my grandfather told us how he use to play hide and go seek with her. my sister ans niece have some facial features of her........

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